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Welcome to the August 2018 recap!

Hey there, hi there, it's been a while. Most of my Spring and all of my Summer got a bit away from me, and my blog went almost silent. I moved back into my newly-renovated home, which somehow took entire months waiting on things to fully wrap up, and then had to clean out and clean up my old home to sell. I was out of town a couple times - Los Angeles for a week, then I attended the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, returned home and then promptly turned around and left town again for a week in Vancouver. Any free time that I felt up to actually using on something productive went into gardening on my deck for the first time since I moved into this house 6 years ago. My heart hasn't really been in blogging lately, but I'm trying to catch up on things. Just in time to get busy with the Fall holidays.

I did put out a few reviews since my last newsletter, but they were so far between each other that I didn't feel like they deserved their own email (so I didn't send one.) Hopefully this brings you all up-to-date if you missed them the first time around.

Latest Reviews

Toy Review - The Noje W3 Mini Wand by Blush Novelties

Photo showing wand in the middle of three silicone attachments
This little vibe packs a surprising punch. I admit to having previously written off a vibrator (especially a "wand") by Blush, expecting to be completely underwhelmed, but I'm glad I eventually gave it a go.

Toy Review - The Yuki by Tenga Iroha

above photo of the yuki on its charging base, clear plastic cover set to the side
I had hoped that the more understated design of the Yuki would fix the problems I first experienced with the Kushi, but I made an unfortunate mistake in my selection.

Toy Review - The Jive by We-Vibe

After all my bitching and moaning about We-Vibe wearables that just never quite fit me right, I finally found a toy that is...almost...just what I want in a wearable.

Toy Review - The Kushi by Tenga Iroha+

Above view of Kushi inside clear plastic charging case, manual, charging cable
I am not too big to admit when I've made a mistake. In this case, I let my eyes lead before my genitals, and chose to review a toy that - while absolutely cool to look at - does absolutely nothing at all to sexually satisfy me.

What's Up Next

Blush Novelties : Exposed Nocturnal rechargeable lipstick vibe - First Impressions - Ugh...why? How? How is something that is supposed to rival the WeVibe Tango so completely terrible?
Blush Novelties : Aria Hot Tongue rechargeable bullet kit - First Impressions - The same vibrator as the Finger Wand, different outer casing.

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