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Welcome to the September 2018 recap!

I finally managed to clear out my summer backlog, just in time to gear up for the winter holidays! Make sure you're following my Facebook Page to keep up to date on this winter's sales and deals.


Latest Reviews

Toy Review - The Aria Hot Tongue Rechargeable Bullet Kit by Blush Novelties

Above photo of pink tongue shaped casing for purple bullet vibrator
"Hot Tongue" is a bit of an off-putting name, and the vibrator feels absolutely nothing like oral sex, but I like it better than the Finger Wand and the power isn't half bad.

Toy Review - The Exposed Nocturnal Bullet Collection Lipstick Vibe by Blush Novelties

Photo of pink tube-shaped bullet vibrator on purple cloth
This vibrator has absolutely no business being as terrible as it is. It's incredible that a smaller and cheaper bullet by the same company works better than an attempted copycat of the We-Vibe Tango.

What's Up Next

Fun Factory B Ball Uno - First Impressions - I've been wanting to review more anal toys, but for all the neat features (or gimmicks) out there, few things can compare with the comfort of simple nJoy plugs, and comfort will always come first. The B Balls have a similar base shape as nJoy plugs so I'm excited to give these a spin.
Satisfyer Pro Traveler - First Impressions - I know I trashed Satisfyer on their first batch of toys (and rightly so, they all broke on me) but Womanizer has gone and discontinued the only model I tried and actually liked, and jacked up the price on the one they're using to replace it, so it might be time to give Satisfyer a second chance.
BMS Factory Addiction Suction Cup Dildo - First Impressions - Hopefully another affordable body-safe addition to my collection


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