So You Want To Buy A Sex Toy From Amazon

Step one : DON’T But they’re so much cheaper on Amazooonnnnnnnah Oh, I see. then Step two : STILL DON’T But I have free next day shipping with Amazon Primmmmeeeeeeah Ah, well why didn’t you say so. In that case Step three : STILL DO NOT DO THIS I think you see where I’m going […]

Choosing The Right Type Of Lube

You’ll probably never see me write a complete review for a lubricant. Why not? I just don’t have a whole lot to say – it either works well for me or it doesn’t. On top of that, when I find a lube that I like, I buy the biggest bottle of it so that I […]

Let’s Talk About Butt Stuff

Butt stuff can be scary for a lot of people. Due to various reasons, we’ve not only been led to believe that anal play is inevitably painful, but also gross and taboo. Which is silly, because lots of people are really into buttstuff and we shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of that. Let’s get this out […]

Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Knowing how to properly care for your sex toys is crucial for not only keeping them in good shape, but for keeping You in good health as well.   The words above – Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize, and Sterilize – are all used fairly interchangeably to those who don’t work in medical/health, scientific, or food service industries, but they do mean [...]