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Toy Review – The Little Witch by Tracy’s Dog

Before we go any further, I’ve got a brand info-dump for you. Tracy’s Dog. What the fuck, right? Tracy’s Dog has been around for many years now, originating as an Amazon retailer of notoriously unsafe products which they frequently lied about the composition of. They moved a ton of stock to Amazon shoppers who were […]

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Unpopular Opinion – Fake All The Orgasms You Have To

… A lot of the time, it’s not safe for women to speak up and tell the person they are having sex with “your dick is trash.”…

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Asking For A Friend

Welcome to Asking For A Friend! Got a question that you'd like answered? Not sure who else to ask? Let me take a stab at it!  Does your question have to do with  sex bodies relationships toys kink/bdsm mental health abuse Ask away! If I don't know the answer I'll try to find some resources [...]

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