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Toy Review – The Rave 2 by We-Vibe

Back in 2017 I reviewed the original Rave by We-Vibe, and was sad to say I kinda hated it. I had just started trying to find good vibrators to hit my G-spot (which had finally woken up) and everything I saw about the Rave made it sound like a really good candidate – made by […]

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Help! I’m Kinky? – A mini-series of intros into The Lifestyle – Volume 2 : Learning The Ropes – Safewords

We’ve made it – our final chapter for Learning The Ropes – figuring out our safewords! Previously we laid out a roadmap for negotiating a great scene. Safewords are a part of scene negotiation, but they felt to me like they deserved their own post because there’s a lot more to cover than “say uncle!” […]

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Asking For A Friend

Welcome to Asking For A Friend! Got a question that you'd like answered? Not sure who else to ask? Let me take a stab at it!  Does your question have to do with  sex bodies relationships toys kink/bdsm mental health abuse Ask away! If I don't know the answer I'll try to find some resources [...]

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