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Toy Review – The Full Bloom Ball Gag by XR Brands

Have you heard the great news? I’ve recently been able to add Naughty North to my affiliate repertoire! Naughty North is the Canadian counterpart to Betty’s Toy Box, and with their help I get to bring my readers up north the same great products and deals the US folks get, without paying twice over for […]

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Help! I’m Kinky? A mini-series of intros into The Lifestyle – Volume 2 : Learning The Ropes – Safety and Consent

Alright, so we’ve discovered that we might not be very vanilla afterall, and we’ve touched on (but certainly not exhausted) the vast array of roles and labels we might find ourselves acting and wearing, and we’re working to handle our newbie frenzy so we don’t come off as rambunctious puppies with no sense about us…. […]

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Asking For A Friend

Welcome to Asking For A Friend! Got a question that you'd like answered? Not sure who else to ask? Let me take a stab at it!  Does your question have to do with  sex bodies relationships toys kink/bdsm mental health abuse Ask away! If I don't know the answer I'll try to find some resources [...]

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