This is a page outlining my policies for working with companies as an affiliate and/or product reviewer.

They are subject to change. They are my default terms of engagement unless I explicitly agree otherwise. If we are working together I would hope that you’ve at least skimmed my website to find out who I am and what I’m about, and I would hope that none of this comes as a surprise to you. 

If you have any additional questions please send them either via my Contact Page or my email :

Any changes to these terms should be made before an item is sent to me for review. 

I am not obligated to accept any changes or requests after the initial agreement to review an item and the item has been sent out.

You will not out me. 

The names you use to address me are the ones that I provide and nothing else. On social media, your website, marketing materials, etc you will use SexBloggess and/or Laura. These are the only names I go by in association with my blog, and I am operating under and alias for a reason. When shipping me a product/card/letter/etc you will use the name I provide in my shipping/billing information only. You will not address mail to “SexBloggess” and will do everything possible to avoid indicating on the envelopes and/or packaging that I am receiving sex toys. We take privacy very seriously and so should you – please respect our choice for anonymity. 

I will not lie in my reviews.

If I find something wrong with the product, packaging, shipping, customer service, website, company, or their employees I will write about it in my post. I will not mislead, omit, sugar-coat, or soften my words. If you’ve sent me an item you will get honesty.

I will not change my reviews, pre or post publishing.

I will not alter the structure, tone, or language I use to write my blog posts. I will not insert unrelated or excessive links, words, or other content into my posts where I wouldn’t otherwise have done so for any other review. You are not entitled to pre-approving my posts before I publish them. I will not alter or delete a post that you do not like. I will not alter or delete a post if we end our relationship. I will not write or promote anything I deem oppressive, offensive, or inappropriate. The only time I will honour a request to edit a post is if I genuinely got my information wrong, or something I have written about has changed, making my previous words untrue, however I will decide whether or not the new information is correct/verifiable/helpful before I make changes.

I do not work for free, I do not work for toys. I do not work for exposure.

If I am writing a review for you, I am already a member of your affiliate program, your items retail with another company and I am already a member of their affiliate program, or you are paying me for my work.

I will not review unsafe products.

I only accept products made of non-toxic, non-porous, body-safe materials. Additionally I only accept toys and accessories that are safe for the parts they are intended to be used on (anal toys with adequately flared bases, etc) and will not use them in unsafe manners. I typically don’t accept lubes or lotions at all, but if I do I only accept ones with safe ingredients. If you send me a toy that falls outside of these parameters I am not obligated to review it.

I don’t accept items I have not pre-approved. 

I generally don’t review lubes, books, porn, penis or prostate toys, gag gifts, candles, lotions, lingerie, condoms, etc.

I will review some anal, couples, kink, and gender expression items but not all of them.

If you send me an item without asking if it’s something I am comfortable and/or willing to use and review, I am not obligated to go beyond my boundaries to review it for you.

Once I receive an item it is mine. 

I do not return or reimburse for items sent to me for any reason besides that it arrived to me defective. You do not control what I do with the item once I have it.

I am not responsible for any items misplaced in the mail.

Many of you are sending me packages internationally. While rare, it is possible that an item can get lost, especially when it has to come through a Customs center. If this happens I will do what little is technically possible for me to find out what happened to it, but legally the postal service considers it your package until it’s delivered to me so you are responsible for trying to track it down.

You are responsible for all shipping and import costs.

If an item arrives to me with duties/taxes/postage due I have the right to refuse the package and send it back. If I choose to accept the package and pay the fees I expect to be reimbursed. Marking a review item as a “sample product” on the export form instead of “merchandise” is the correct way to mark the product and deal with duties

My review turn-around time is mine to decide.

Typically I will have a new review ready within 3-8 weeks of having received the toy (not from when you sent it out – I will not be responsible for delays in international shipping) and most of my reviews fall into the shorter end of that spectrum. I give such a wide margin to ensure that I have had the opportunity to give a toy a fair chance before publishing my review. Things like mood, stress, menstrual cycle, illness, etc all factor into the way the body responds to stimulus and it would not be thorough to only try a toy during a “bad day” and publish a review based on that experience. I do everything I can to make sure that I am not overwhelmed by the number of products I have to review at any given time, but it’s unlikely that yours is the only one on my plate, so my stated timeframe also serves to make sure that I publish reviews for items in the order they were received. This also allows me to schedule my posts to go live at the best times to reach my audiences and cater to their interests. I also spend several weeks out of the country throughout the year. When I am traveling I will give anyone wanting to send me an item the heads-up and they can decide to send anyway or wait until I am back home, but if you send something without checking with me or do decide to send anyway after I’ve informed you that I am not around at the moment, please be patient with me. Finally, life happens sometimes – if something drastic comes up I will reach out to all who I owe a blog post to.

You will not restrict who I work with or the way that I work.

You may consider my other affiliates your competitors, you may not like them, you may not agree with their business practices, and you are free to do so. I have chosen each company I work with for a reason and I will not be restricted in the way I do business with people who are not you. Your only course of action if you disagree with who I choose to work with, is to not work with me.