– White

– Cis-gender

– DFAB (designated female at birth)

– Bisexual

– Able-bodied

– Depressed, anxious, ADHD, traumatized. I’m working on it…

– 30’s

– American immigrant to Canada

– English-speaking


– 5’1″ish

– 150lbsish

– Pear-shaped (smaller in the chest than hips)

– I do not exhibit external clitoral hood or glans tissue. When I make reference to my clit I’m talking about the area this tissue should be in, and the nerve endings beneath the skin that are present that would operate within that tissue.

– I most often need intense,¬†steady clitoral stimulation to orgasm, somewhere erring on the side of “pinpoint”, or water jets (showerhead, jacuzzi jets, etc)

РI often enjoy vaginal or anal stimulation but very rarely orgasm from those alone, either by nature or by choice, so clitoral stimulation is a must

– NOT a size-queen, for both length and girth. My girthiest toy is 2″ diameter, and I find it difficult to use.

– Finds too much texture to be anything from unappealing to very painful, especially at the vaginal entrance

– Self-diagnosed with endometriosis and dysorgasmia


– I’m married but sexually unpartnered

– I’m kinky (submission, service, rope, and impact are my main loves) but unpartnered

– Sex-positive

– Body-positive

– Feminist

– Ex-nude model

– Domestic Goddess hobbyist baker

– Crafter, woodworker, gardener

– Mess-making extraordinare

– Winter time hermit

– Also summer time hermit

– Penguin collector

– Nail polish obsessive

– Pepsi enthusiast

– Night owl