Who Is SexBloggess?

Avatar cartoon image of a white woman, long wavy brown hair, green eyes on a purple background

Hi, I’m Laura aka SexBloggess. It’s good to meet you! You wanted to learn more about me?

I began my sex-blogging journey almost a decade ago on Tumblr, originally using a side-blog to ‘like’ and ‘reblog’ content that I enjoyed, but didn’t feel quite belonged on my main blog (as it had nothing to do with sexual content) What began as the random nude or fetish image grew into posts pertaining to sex, sexuality, feminism, gender issues, et cetera. My tumblr is currently about a 50/50 split between porn I like and useful information I’d like to pass on. Included in those useful information posts are my personal sex toy reviews.

While I still maintain the tumblr blog and much of my personal content is cross-posted to it, – As you may know, Tumblr was gutted of basically all sexual content a while back, at which point I abandoned ship. They are slowly making their way back and I am attempting to use it again, but it’s sadly still not what it once was. My reviews are still posted there, but I’m not very present. – I wanted to create a separate space that allows me to organize my content a bit better and filter out the other 50% my readers may not be interested in, or be able to view for various reasons. And thus, Sexbloggess.com was born!

I’m a pretty terrible writer, but I enjoy doing it anyway. I would describe myself as someone very passionate about their sexuality, I do not think of it as some separate portion of myself that can be subtracted from the whole, rather I consider my sexuality to be tied into very much of who I am and what I do. Developing my understanding of my sexuality, my body, and my self is an on-going process of high priority. I am on a continuous journey for pleasure and knowledge, and I am happy to share it with you. It is my hope that my readers may find something useful, relatable, interesting, or simply amusing in what I have to say.

For a more in-depth but easy to read look into who I am as a person, please see my FAQ page!