Revisiting Reviews

While adding some links to older reviews into a recent post, I started skimming back through them to refresh my memory. As I did this, I came to realize that over the years as things have changed [...]

Getting To Know My G-spot

Despite possessing it for twenty-some odd years and being aware of its existence for at least a decade, I still haven’t fully grasped all the nuances of my finicky G-spot. In fact I [...]

Understanding My Weird Vulva

Disclaimers: This post has the potential to go in a million different directions, so consider this your warning that I may ramble off into tangents I recognize and believe that not everyone with [...]

My Sexual Voice

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first conference on sexuality since embarking on my blogging adventure. It was called Playground, hosted right at home in Toronto, a three-day [...]