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Toy Review – The Next by Womanizer

I didn’t think I’d be reviewing any more of the typical Womanizer products for a while yet, as many of what’s come out of the last couple years have just been minor upgrades to older models (like new colors) or “new” models that are missing certain features of older, more expensive versions. I don’t believe […]

Toy Review – The Rave 2 by We-Vibe

Back in 2017 I reviewed the original Rave by We-Vibe, and was sad to say I kinda hated it. I had just started trying to find good vibrators to hit my G-spot (which had finally woken up) and everything I saw about the Rave made it sound like a really good candidate – made by […]

Toy Review – The Wave by Womanizer

It’s rare that a major “vanilla” brand partners up with folks who make sex toys, but if anyone was going to snag some mainstream mingling it would be pleasure industry giant Womanizer. Having already spearheaded the entire genre of air-pulse toys, they’ve decided the next hurdle is the household – bathrooms, specifically. Hansgrohe are the […]

Toy Review – The Duo 2 by Womanizer

It’s been almost 4 years since I first tried the original Duo from Womanizer. I was rather pleasantly surprised then, and I maintain that stance to this day. It’s difficult for a lot of people to find a dual-stimulator that actually fits their body (I’ve certainly had my fair share of duds) so that I […]

Toy Review – The OG by Womanizer

Pretty much every other review for this toy has started off by pointing out the confusing naming around it – I can’t help it, I’m going to follow suit. “OG” is commonly understood to stand for the “original” or “original gangster”, and while Womanizer as an entire brand certainly is the OG in air-pulse technology, […]

Toy Review – The Flip by ROMP

It’s been a really long time since I’ve used a wand vibrator – probably not since I tried out the one in Blush’s Noje line back in 2018 (and can that really be called a wand? It’s technically the right shape but it’s so tiny…) I might have reached for my Hitachi once or twice […]

Toy Review – The Wave by ROMP

I always get excited for budget-friendly toys that are body-safe and don’t suck. I recognize that a lot of the toys I have the privilege of reviewing here are out of a lot of people’s price range, and if my blog proves anything, it’s that everybody’s bodies are going to be different, and not everything […]

Toy Review – The Doxy Bullet

The name Doxy usually conjures images of a wand built to rival the Hitachi. Doxy has been working for years now to carve out a piece of the industry with their signature rumbly vibes. Based out of England, they’ve cornered a previously underserved market for plug-in vibes (you’d need an adapter to use a Hitachi […]

Toy Review – The Snail Vibe

I began sex toy blogging in 2015, and even after seven years I still feel pretty confident in saying that I can count on my fingers the number of times I’ve seen a truly innovative sex toy come to market. The Snail Vibe takes up one of those fingers. The Snail Vibe (by Snail Vibe) […]

Toy Review – The P Cat by Tracy’s Dog

Kinda weird that a brand called Tracy’s Dog would have a toy named an abbreviation of Pussycat, and for some reason, for this brand – of all brands, the one that has a category of toys on their website called “Fuck Me Up” (and still somehow the “Suck Me Up” headline is grosser…) the full […]

Toy Review – The Cici by Svakom

Uhm…I love this? It’s weird, I know – you’re not used to hearing me say those words – but this little G-spot vibe has actually become my new fave. I’m as surprised as you are, trust me. The Cici by Svakom is a slim, quiet, rechargeable, waterproof G-spot vibe. Normally I’d be kinda miffed about […]

Toy Review – The Little Witch by Tracy’s Dog

Update 7/2023 : Tracy’s Dog no longer makes this toy Before we go any further, I’ve got a brand info-dump for you. Tracy’s Dog. What the fuck, right? Tracy’s Dog has been around for many years now, originating as an Amazon retailer of notoriously unsafe products which they frequently lied about the composition of. They […]

Toy Review – The Curvy 1 by Satisfyer

Air-pressure-wave-“suction”-doohickeys just keep coming, and I just keep trying to find one that can come even close to matching with my beloved Pro40, because one day it’s going to be discontinued and I’m gonna be in big trouble. It’s an unfortunate truth that you cannot simply stock up on electronics (or else I’d have a […]

Toy Review – The Full Bloom Ball Gag by XR Brands

Have you heard the great news? I’ve recently been able to add Naughty North to my affiliate repertoire! Naughty North is the Canadian counterpart to Betty’s Toy Box, and with their help I get to bring my readers up north the same great products and deals the US folks get, without paying twice over for […]

Toy Review – The Hop Oh Bunny by Blush Novelties

Hi there, me again, here to talk about my weird vulva, cuz this review has brought up feelings. If you don’t feel like reading that whole other post, the cliff notes are that my external clit just doesn’t exist. There’s no hood, there’s no shaft, there’s no glans – it’s not there. (Also no inner […]

Toy Review – The Love Triangle by Satisfyer

The Love Triangle. Clever. In typical Satisfyer fashion, there’s a new handful of designs to choose from if you’re looking for a pressure-wave toy. The Love Triangle is a silicone-covered palm-sized gadget that is app-compatible, waterproof, pretty quiet, and has an added vibrational function. It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve experienced from Satisfyer, but [...]

Toy Review – The Liberty by Womanizer

Well, Womanizer did it. I’ve been going on and on for years now about how difficult it is to pick or recommend an air-pressure/”sucking” toy because all the brands feel different – and worse – all the models inside a single brand also feel different. I find this particularly bothersome because when you’re shopping around […]

Toy Review – The Nova 2 by We-Vibe

I’ve had my eye on the Nova for years and years – the same number of years I’ve thought dual “rabbit-style” vibrators would never fit my body. Unlike most dual vibes, the Nova’s clitoral arm has always been flexible which helps aid in fitting a larger variation in genital shapes and sizes, but I’ve still […]

Toy Review – The Premium by Womanizer

The Premium caught my eye as soon as it came out. Admittedly, all new Womanizer products catch my eye because despite our rough start, the Pro40 has become my number-one-go-to toy, and until just recently it had been discontinued and I have spent each day in terror that my Pro40 would some day die (I’m […]

Toy Review – The Lush Iris by Blush Novelties

First I tried the E-stim dual-stimulator. The shape was right but the sensations were all wrong (I hate e-stim and the vibes were non-existent. It sucked.) Then I tried the The Duo and that was fucking ah-maze-balls. Then came the SenseVibe  which had power potential, but didn’t fit my clit. So I circled back around […]

Toy Review – The Sensi by Uberrime

I really wanted to like this dildo. I know I start so many reviews this way, but I honestly believed I had a slam dunk with the Sensi and I’m supper bummed to report that I was wrong.  Uberrime are a sorta knew company on the scene making these really gorgeous marbled dildos. They’ve got […]

Toy Review – The Starlet 2 by Womanizer

You may recall that I previously reviewed the original Womanizer Starlet, and I fucking hated it. I hated it the most out of all the “clit sucking” toys I’ve ever owned (eleven and counting.) My body eventually warmed up to and now cant seem to go without the Pro40, and I was devastated to learn […]

Toy Review – The SenseVibe by SenseMax

I really wanted a dual-stimulator vibe that I would like. I really wanted to like the SenseVibe. I really want a lot of things in life. But I don’t get most of them. Sadly, the SenseVibe just misses the mark with me, leaving behind a long long trail of what-could-have-beens and if-onlys. I’d been considering […]

Toy Review – The Duo by Womanizer

Continuing my strange new influx of dual-stimulators, we have the Duo, courtesy of Womanizer.  Out of the 3 Womanizers and 6 Satisfyers I’ve tried, I’ve only really liked maybe 3? And of those 3 total only 1 is a Womanizer – the Pro40 – which of course was discontinued last year after it became one […]

Toy Review – The B Ball Uno by Fun Factory

I asked the universe for more butt toys, and the universe delivered. Well, actually it was SheVibe, but that’s basically the same thing. In many ways I am a creature of habit – I find something I like and I just stick with it. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, y’know? In the realm of anal […]

Toy Review – The Pro Traveler by Satisfyer

Listen, I’ve tried really hard to keep up this grudge I’ve been holding against Satisfyer since our first mass-casualty incident, but Womanizer discontinuing the only model (of the 3 I tried) that I liked, jacking up the prices on the mid-range models, and revamping the style of the new ones means that this hate-on I […]

Toy Review – The Aria Hot Tongue by Blush Novelties

Friends, we’re moving up in the world. Only by small increments, but still. The Aria Hot Tongue Rechargeable Bullet Kit is one of several silicone shapes paired with a small plastic bullet by Blush Novelties. The bullet has five levels of steady intensity and five patterns. The bullet is waterproof and rechargeable by magnetic charging […]

Toy Review – The Iroha Yuki by Tenga

I said back when I took a swing at the Iroha+ Kushi that I thought maybe I’d like something less texture-y and not as broad as the body but not as pin-point as the nub. In perusing the rest of the Iroha line, I settled on the Yuki as the shape that – if any […]

Toy Review – The Jive by We-Vibe

The wearable remote egg vibrator has been a thing for…well for a while. I’ve owned a handful of cheap plastic blobs with wired controller attached, or little (hot pink because that’s very inconspicuous) boxy remotes that barely fit in the palm of your hand with simple on/off switches. A few of them did manage to […]

Toy Review – The Noje W3 Mini Wand by Blush Novelties

Here’s a phrase I’m getting extraordinarily comfortable with saying : I made a mistake.  I thought I was going to absolutely hate the Noje W3 – I actually turned down the offer to review it before from another retailer because I was just so very certain that I’d be writing the most uninspired trash piece […]

Toy Review – The Iroha+ Kushi by Tenga

I did it again. I let myself be fooled by form instead of focusing on function. I’ll accept my responsibility here, but can you really blame me? The Kushi looks so fuckin’ cool. The Tenga company originally began back in 2005 making masturbation sleeves and other toys for people with penises. Tenga stands out in […]

Toy Review – The Starlet by Womanizer

*The original Starlet has since been discontinued from the time of this post’s publishing. The review contents remain relevant for the original model, but links have been updated to reflect the upgraded Starlet 3* With the Womanizer Pro40 being the only toy that can reliably get me off at the moment, you’d think that maybe […]

Toy Review – The Aria Finger Wand by Blush Novelties

I’ve got a problem. I can barely get vibrators to work. I talked a little bit about it already in my lack-lustre review of the Mini Swan Wand, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to orgasm with traditional vibrators. Even my go-to powerhouses like the Hitachi or Eroscillator aren’t making the cut, and […]

Toy Review – The Dodil

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to force yourself (and your autocorrect) to type the word “dodil”? Very. The Dodil is a very neat new idea that came out last year courtesy of an accidentally brilliant Swede who, while apparently trying to help a friend create a moldable fishing lure, wound up […]

Toy Review – The Queen Bee by Hot Octopuss

I hate this thing. Sometimes I know I’m going to hate a toy, but when someone asks me to review it I agree anyway, because a blog of only glowingly positive reviews isn’t fair. This was not the case with the Queen Bee. I thought I’d be really into the Queen Bee, I specifically rushed […]

Toy Review – The Cue by Sola

I feel like we need to talk a little bit about my G-Spot. I’ve talked about it before in my post specifically explaining the beginnings of my explorations into internal stimulation and the toys I liked at the time, as well as what I hoped to find in the future (more good G-spot toys), but […]