Why haven’t you reviewed all the items you have listed?

  • I just haven’t gotten around to it yet
  • I haven’t used the item enough times to feel like I can give it a fair opinion
  • I just have no interest in writing about it, or I don’t think it warrants a full review
  • It’s an item that has had 60 billion reviews written about it already , I don’t feel like I have anything unique to add
  • It’s been discontinued or I no longer wish to associate with the company that makes it

Why list something you don’t plan to write about?

While I may not feel like I can, or want to write a full page review of something, I may still reference it in other posts. I’m also open to taking questions people may have about the item, and I will do my best to answer them based on what experience I have had with it.

I don’t see ____ on your list, why not?

  • It may be an item that I am not interested in reviewing or owning (certain fetish items, penis toys, books, porn, toys made of toxic materials, toys made by unethical companies, etc)
  • I just haven’t had the chance to acquire it yet

Why don’t you want to review penis/prostate toys?

This may change one day, but for now I don’t think any of my penis and/or prostate-having-partners are interested in participating in my blog, and I just don’t feel comfortable writing posts for them about their experiences. If you’re looking for reviews of penis and/or prostate toys there are several reviewers in my blogroll that frequently post.

Where did you get this item?

Most reviews will have links to either the manufacturer or the retailer who sent me the item, or where I purchased it from.┬áMany of the items I own retail at multiple locations, so if one is sold out or does not ship to you, try another one of the stores under my “Where To Shop” list on the Homepage.

I have a question you didn’t cover in your review.

Fire away! You can leave a comment directly on the review or send it to my inbox using the form on my Contact page.

Do you literally keep all these toys in your nightstand?

No, my toys are spread out across three huge under-the-bed rubbermaid boxes, my nightstand drawer, and a few carrying cases.

My nightstand is where I keep my most-used toys however. That currently includes the following in no particular order