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I was astonished a few months ago to find a dildo that was so perfect it could oust my first true love – the Vixen Mustang – for my number-one-fave, so you can perhaps imagine my surprise when immediately after, I stumbled onto yet another close contender. I’ve got a hefty handful of insertables that I just never ever use, could it be possible that my dildo luck is finally starting to look up?

Photo of Blush Ergo on its side

Peepshow Toys asked me to review the Ergo by Blush Novelties for them a few weeks back and I decided to give it a go. This is the first toy I’ve owned from Blush so I didn’t really know what to expect. Blush has in the past been a company that I would not have been interested in working with, but as of late they seem to be making some company-wide changes that helps me feel more comfortable working with and recommending them (when the toys are good)

Lucky for everybody, this toy is good. The Ergo comes from the “Real Nude” line of dual-density silicone dildos – about half of which are on the “realistic” side, and the other half a bit more ambiguous. I typically go for the less life-like as they tend to have less bumps and ridges and textures that can aggravate me. The Ergo is mostly smooth, with a few very faint vein details running up the sides and a not-too-prominent head. On visual inspection alone I knew the Ergo would be a pretty good choice. My only real concern was if it would fit.

photo of Blush Ergo and Tantus Adam Super Soft next to each other

If you caught my review of the Tantus Adam Super Soft, you’re aware of how utterly blown away I was by finding a new favorite dildo (especially such a big one, and especially from a company whose dildos I sadly have a track record for hating) Still reeling in my undying love for the Adam, when the Ergo turned up, so did my interest. I checked out the specs on it before agreeing to review it, I knew it was big and as such I didn’t have a lot of hope for liking it. The only reason I am able to tolerate the Adam’s size is because it’s so dang squishy. I saw that the Ergo was a dual-density, meaning there’s a softer layer of silicone around a firm core, but the majority of my dual-density toys from Tantus are still too firm. The first thing I did when I took the Ergo out of the package was squeeze the head in my palm – in that moment I was intrigued.

photo of Blush Ergo and Tantus Adam Super Soft atop each other

While the shaft of the Ergo is indeed firmer than the Adam, it’s still not as firm as the rest of my dual-density toys. The kicker for me though is the head, because the head is always what gets caught on my pubic bone. The head on the Ergo is just as squishy as the Adam, the firm inner core stops just shy of the coronal ridge making it a comfy fit. While I still prefer my Adam, the Ergo is a very, very close second. The Adam feels just a smidge closer to “real” for me, but the Ergo still feels damn good.

Photo of Blush Ergo on its side

The Ergo actually comes with a few benefits over the Adam that make it my top dildo of choice every once in a while. Because of its lack of a core my Adam falls over if I try to stand it up, which makes things like setting it on the nightstand while I grab other things I might want, or setting it to dry on the counter a little difficult. Depending on my position, the Adam can also be a little clumsy to insert and/or ride on.

The Ergo not only has the firm core, it has a suction cup base, alleviating all my troubles and adding a little bonus. Not only will it stand on its own, but I can suction it down to make sure I don’t accidentally knock it over.

I wrote in my Cloud9 review that I was having trouble figuring out just how I was supposed to make use of dildos with suction cup bases – well I figured it out with the Ergo. We recently spent some time in a hotel that was equipped with floor-to-ceiling mirrors on its bathroom walls, and the dildo is long enough that I could lie on my back with my legs in the air against the mirror and rock myself back and forth. I still don’t find it all that comfortable to have to lay on a tile bathroom floor in order to fuck myself, but it was not an entirely unpleasant experience. I’m sure housekeeping was a bit confused at all the foot prints….

I wasn’t even sure that the base of the Ergo was supposed to be suctionable because it’s so low-profile, but it is indeed an intentional feature. A lot of suction cup based dildos have this huge prominent cup on them that make them less ideal for strap-on play, but the Ergo’s base isn’t any bulkier than any other dildo I own so I think it would work just fine.

Truly the only thing about the Ergo that gives me pause is the single testicle detail. It doesn’t inhibit my use in any way….I just find it confusing. I guess half a set of balls is what you get when you’re going for kinda life-like but not really? It may serve as something useful to grip for others but I can’t take the full length so it’s a little bit out of my reach. For me it’s a small point of amusement.

Overall I think the Ergo was an excellent introduction to Blush toys, I’m excited to have it added to my collection, and I’m really glad that my first review for Peepshow got to be a positive one!

Big thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Ergo to review. You can purchase your own Ergo by clicking Here

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