Toy Review – The Rave by We-Vibe

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photo of purple we-vibe rave on its side on green cloth

Oh the Rave, how excited I was, how disappointed I actually am. Unfortunately, my review of the Rave is actually more of a rant.

I got ahold of the We-Vibe Rave after having discovered that G-spot vibration is actually quite nice if I do it right, and I was super hopeful that the Rave would be able to deliver. I’d read that a lot of people considered it fairly strong so I figured I’d be alright in that department, but most interesting to me was the shape – the insertable end (I thought) mimicked the shape of my current favorite G-spot toy, the Lush. I believed that I could achieve even better stimulation with the Rave because having a handle would allow me to apply pressure or change the angle, which I can’t do with the Lush. It’s under an inch and a half in diameter, it’s rechargeable, it’s silicone, it has separate increase and decrease buttons, it’s app compatible (though I wouldn’t use it for this toy) – it has everything I like, what could possibly go wrong?

The shape. The shape is just fucking awful and I have no idea why it was ever chosen in the first place. The entire unit is purposefully asymmetrical, but only slightly? I don’t feel like it’s something I’d call an “abstract work of art” so the decision for this simply doesn’t make sense to me and I find it actually makes the toy harder for me to use.

Photo of purple we-vibe rave vibrator from the underneath

Pretty much all of the penises, fingers, and other toys  I’ve had inside me have been relatively straight and uniformly round, so the shape of the Rave throws me off no matter what I do. No amount of twisting or turning it makes it feel right, it’s always hitting all the wrong spots and it fucking hurts to even do that sometimes.

Photo of purple we-vibe rave vibrator from the top showing charging port and power controls

I admit I honestly hadn’t studied the photos of the Rave too much before I got one so when I took it out of the box and realized the slanted shape and sideways curve, I asked around just to be sure that was intentional and I hadn’t just received a supremely fucked up factory defect. Unfortunately this is all deliberate. The most offensive feature of the Rave is the pointy right side of the toy, I can feel every bit of it scraping my vaginal walls as I thrust, and even if I keep the toy still I am still extremely uncomfortable because of it. Insertables with edges on them are really not my cup of tea.

Photo of purple we-vibe rave vibrator showing asymmetrical shape

The raised head of the Rave is a lot like the Lush and it does operate how I’d hoped, allowing me to angle the toy up drastically enough to reach my G-spot and apply decent pressure, but again the asymmetrical shape becomes problematic. The highest point of the head is slanted to the left side of the toy, opposite the pointy side seam and it makes all the difference. I can tell that the toy is lopsided but to correct the issue and press the highest point of the head into my G-spot I have to roll the whole toy to the side, which presses the pointy edge into the bottom wall of my vagina. The whole thing is just so irritating to me that I cannot really enjoy the experience. The few orgasms I have managed with the Rave have been done begrudgingly and with much discomfort. I’ve become truly angered by this sex toy, it could have been near perfect if not for the strange design choice of putting a fucking sharp edge on it (I really don’t feel like my picture above even does it justice, it’s so uncomfortable), who does that to a sex toy? Why? Sometimes uniqueness is more detrimental than helpful.  We-Vibe’s own ad for the Rave says “Add in a twist and the soft edges stimulate the most sensitive areas of your vagina” but there’s absolutely nothing soft about the Rave, not literally (the innards of the Rave are rigid, either metal or plastic) and not figuratively (there’s a literal edge on it, that’s not a soft sloping curve, that’s a corner, it’s got a 70 degree angle on it.)

I just…I just fucking can’t with this thing. Why. WHY?

Photo of purple we-vibe rave vibrator showing charging cable being plugged in

Outside of the completely unforgiveable shape,  the Rave has some other pros and cons for me that I should talk about.

Con : I find the buttons a tad hard to push. Not a deal-breaker, but worth mentioning for people with grip and strength issues in their fingers. My decrease button feels especially tight and also like it’s not quite aligned right, I press down in the middle of the arrow but nothing happens, I have to adjust my hold on it so that I’m pressing more towards the center of the controls.

Pro : It’s got decent power. I’d classify it miles and miles ahead of the couple’s models, way stronger than the Touch, and still stronger than the Tango

Con : It’s only splashproof, not waterproof. This means you can rinse it off but don’t go submerging it in the tub. I assume this has to do with having to pierce the silicone skin in order to insert the charging cable, but other manufacturers have the same feature while maintaining a waterproof seal so…I dunno We-Vibe…get on board?

Pro : Unlike the Touch and Tango, along with the patterns (most of which I’ll never ever use) it has a range of steady speeds (I can’t tell exactly how many, but it’s more than the 4 the other toys come with)

Meh : Only comes in purple. I love the purple, but some people are tired of their only options being pink, black, and purple. We-Vibe is capable of a lot of beautiful unique colors so I’d love to see their whole range branch out into other options.

Meh : It’s quiet-ish. We-Vibe bills it as “whisper quiet” and…I guess. This isn’t a toy I’d recommend if you’ve gotta share your room with someone, but someone on the other side of the door probably wont be alerted to it if you use it under some thick blankets or have the radio/tv on. It’s not my quietest but it’s far from my loudest.

Meh : When you turn the toy on the vibration intensity starts in the middle. This may not be an issue for a lot of people but it bugs me. It depends on just how low the lowest speed on a toy is but sometimes I like to start at the very bottom and climb my way up instead of just jumping right in, and I usually like to keep track of which number I’m on so that I don’t wind up at the highest speed searching for more when there are none.

Meh : It could probably be an okay clit vibe, but I don’t use it that way. The thing is, I’m never going to sugarcoat my dislike of or inability to use a toy by trying to find something likeable about it. You’ll never see me say “It can’t make me orgasm but wow it makes an excellent doorstop!” –  that’s not what it’s for and I’m just not interested. The Rave is billed primarily as an internal toy, I intended to use it as an internal toy, and it did not work out for me as an internal toy, so that’s what my opinion is about. Does it feel good on my clit? Sure. Can it get me off clitorally? Yeah. Is it great? No, it’s a bit like my Tango in that regard. Is this the toy I’m ever going to reach for when I want a clitoral vibrator? Not at all, I have a handful of toys that massively outshine the Rave for use on my clit so I won’t sit here and tell you that I’ve repurposed it because that’s just not happening. If I want to get really picky about it, the shape even feels weird on my labia and I’ve got this edge jabbing into the palm of my hand.

Meh : The Rave is compatible with the We-Vibe app, but I’ve written before that I kind of absolutely hate it, find it clunky and overly complicated, and just all around unintuitive. On top of that, I like to use the apps for toys I don’t have to hold, so using it with the Rave is out for me even if I did like the interface. If I only had to hold the Rave and my phone it wouldn’t be so bad but I need clit stimulation to cum so…I’m out of hands…

All of the above I could take or leave but in the end it’s just always going to come back to that shape for me. Everything about the Rave is uncomfortable, but if We-Vibe had stuck to a normal design I probably would have been over the moon. I’ve found that I’m extremely sensitive to texture and odd shapes, the front of my vaginal opening just can’t handle anything that’s not smooth. The sheer clarity with which I feel every  – even the more subtle – curve and angle on the Rave is…terrible. Clenching around it, I feel poked and jabbed rather than caressed or stimulated. I really like We-Vibe as a company so I hate ever having to say this, but so far I’m 1 for 5 with products I actually like. Most of my complaints have been along the lines of just not having the kind of body that best fits the toy, or the power not being enough, those things I can be pretty forgiving of as I admit I am difficult to please. The Rave on the other hand truly had a fighting chance at working for me, but instead I just cannot stand it.

Nonetheless, Big thanks to We-Vibe for providing me the chance to try the Rave

We-Vibe Rave Tl;dr