Toy Review – The B Ball Uno by Fun Factory

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Photo of BBall Uno square package

I asked the universe for more butt toys, and the universe delivered.

Well, actually it was SheVibe, but that’s basically the same thing.

In many ways I am a creature of habit – I find something I like and I just stick with it. Don’t fix what ain’t broke, y’know? In the realm of anal toys this definitely rings true, I’ve tried a handful of plugs other than my nJoy set…and I haven’t really liked any of them that much…

The B Ball Uno from Fun Factory almost breaks the rule. Almost.

photo of package sleeve and inside of box showing instruction manual

The B Ball’s come in singles and doubles. I opted for the single as I’ve experienced anal beads before and I just didn’t find the appeal in it. The size of the B Ball is smaller than the plugs I normally wear so I figured it would be comfortable enough. The long base makes it easily sit between the cheeks without any pinching and extremely minimal chance of slipping into the rectum. The whole thing is made of a sanitizable silicone and ABS plastic, in either black and red, black and grey, or purple and grey.

Photo of inside of the box showing inside of manual and black and grey butt plug

The thing that makes the B Balls special is the weight that rattles around inside of them, sending little vibrations through the shell. It’s the same idea behind ben-wa/kegel balls, except these are anal-safe. Unfortunately much like the kegel balls I’ve tried, it takes quite a lot of movement for me to actually feel much going on. I’ve found the weights tend to sort of settle into one spot and it takes something like a jumping-jack to get them going again. If I wanted something that would give me a lovely constant reminder of the toy in my ass while I did normal day-to-day things, the very seldom little rumble the B Ball provides only when I do something jostling like sprint down the stairs wouldn’t be too exciting for me. And that’s exactly my experience with it – 99.9% of the time I’m wearing it, it’s just a regular ol’ butt plug. Which is fine I guess…just not as exciting as it’s supposed to be.

Photo of buttplug on its side

As a regular ol’ butt plug the B Ball Uno wouldn’t be so bad, but I still have some gripes to get off my chest.

Silicone is of course an excellent choice for anal toys as it’s non-porous and easily sanitized, and it’s better than steel or glass in the sense that it’s not freezing when you first touch it and the toy can be fairly lightweight. However, Fun Factory chose a silicone finish that creates a lot of drag on the skin, even when a ton of lube is used. This is especially important for butt toys because the butt doesn’t self-lubricate, and in fact absorbs fluid quite easily and can quickly dry up. In my past experience, the shiny finish on silicone allows for a little bit more slip, and I think the B Balls could benefit from that.

I’m also not a fan of the small detailing of plastic on the sides of the bulb. I can’t figure out what function they are supposed to serve other than an aesthetic choice, and the ridges wind up actually making it a bit harder to clean up thoroughly. I don’t know about anybody else, but I don’t feel too strongly that the things I’m shoving in my ass need to be the prettiest things out there, so honestly I wouldn’t be upset if the B Balls were just solid silicone without their plastic accents (or, maybe better yet, make the balls completely out of plastic – the weights would probably be felt a little better)

Overall I find the B Ball Uno plenty comfortable for wear, but it fails me on being anything more than a plain little plug to add to my collection of other plain plugs. Exciting ripples of pleasure reverberating through my ass? Maybe if I spent my days being constantly chased by a bear…

Big thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Fun Factory B Ball Uno to review! You can purchase your own by clicking Here.

Fun Factory B Ball Uno – Tl;dr

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