Toy Review – The Cici by Svakom

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Uhm…I love this?

It’s weird, I know – you’re not used to hearing me say those words – but this little G-spot vibe has actually become my new fave. I’m as surprised as you are, trust me.

The Cici by Svakom is a slim, quiet, rechargeable, waterproof G-spot vibe. Normally I’d be kinda miffed about the single button, because it means having to cycle all the way up to get back to a lower speed, but when it comes to internal vibes this doesn’t bother me as much as it usually would. When I’m playing with my clit I like to slowly back off and enjoy the come-down after I’ve had an orgasm, but with internal stuff it matters less to me, I can just turn those off and pull them out and be done with it, not a big deal. The Cici could easily be used for a clit vibrator as well and if I wanted to do that then the single button would turn into a big deal, so we’ll keep that in mind. For how I want to use it, it doesn’t bother me. I find the Cici a little too weak and buzzy to use on my clit, but I actually prefer a little bit of that annoying tickle on my G-spot so for what the toy is billed as, it’s pretty great for me.

The weird thing I will note that I don’t like about the control, is that when you turn it on it doesn’t start at the lowest speed, I have to cycle up through the 5th speed to bring it back down to the first. I don’t know what causes companies to think we want to start in the middle, especially when we cant easily turn it down, but thats kinda annoying.

The Cici also comes with six patterns that I didn’t even know were there at first, because you have to double-click the power button to access them. Once you’re in the pattern menu you can access the same five intensity settings with single clicks. Double-clicking again will move you to the next pattern, and the next, until you make it back to the steady vibration.

The thing I enjoy the most about the Cici is that it’s tiny – not any bigger than my thumb. All of my other G-spot vibes are much larger – in the 1.5″ish range. I like a lot of them, the fullness is nice and the heft helps add a lot of the pressure I enjoy, but they’re harder to get started with. I’m not much of a “warm up” person, I want an orgasm and I want it now. The Cici caters to my impatience perfectly, it requires significantly less lube (oftentimes none at all) and comfortably slides right in with no resistance. Sometimes all I want is to press a vibrator into my G-spot and leave it there, but other times I do want some of that telltale “jackhammering” motion folks use to induce squirting, and that’s extremely tough for me to do with bigger toys, both because my vag doesn’t want to let them move that fast and my wrist gets tired of the struggle. I can wiggle and thrust the Cici against my G-spot much easier and faster because it weighs next to nothing and being so small, there’s no drag, my muscles aren’t clamping down on it, I’m not scraping the side walls of my vagina with each retraction and thrust back in, I have to put absolutely no force into it. I can concentrate all the pressure I am exerting up into my G-spot instead of wasting half of that work playing tug-of-war with my insides. It’s a little small for those ‘just wanna sit here and clench’ sessions but for the vigorous thrusting ones it’s absolutely perfect.

The Cici is a little bit bendy in the neck which might not work for some folks, but I like it. It’s soft enough that I don’t feel like I’m fucking myself with a rock, but firm enough to keep the pressure on when I want it. The Svakom website shows a photo where the head of the toy is folded all the way down to the shaft and…I can.…but I can’t think of any reason it would ever need to (and actually forcing that makes me feel like I’m going to break it so let’s just not. You don’t need it to do that.) The head of the Cici is covered in a few subtle ridges which I think I can feel? Again they’re not so prominent that it feels like I’m fucking a cheese grater, but I don’t think they feel completely smooth either. It’s another little aspect of being just right.

To charge the Cici you unscrew the metal cap at the end of the handle. Svakom says that the Cici is completely waterproof and can be submerged but I haven’t tested it. The screw-on cap feels just a little too flimsy for my tastes, I’d prefer to see a rubber gasket or rubberized threads on the cap or something in there to really make sure any moisture was completely blocked. The back half of the handle doesn’t even get any lube on it when in use so washing it off has been pretty simple so far, I get it wet up to the button and that’s plenty. When it comes time for one of my routine entire-collection-cleanings where I sanitize everything, that will be a little more tricky. Stuff with batteries get soaked in a tub of bleach, and this one will probably have to be stood up inside a glass or something to keep the very end of it out of the water (or I’ll just bite the bullet with a full submersion and hope it holds, but I’ll be really sad if it dies so I don’t want to do that yet.)

The Cici takes 2 hours to fully charge and holds about a 4 hour battery life. For me this isn’t a huge deal – when I know some of my toys are getting low and I’m going to want to use them soon, I’ll just plug a bunch of them in and let them charge up all afternoon/evening long. I never find myself in a situation where I want to use a toy in say a half an hour, and I think it’s almost dead, so I charge it up real quick. Some people do operate that way though, so for them a 2 hour charge time might be a hinderance. The 4 hour life is also not a problem for me, my sessions last only a few minutes most days so toys rarely die on me when I’m trying to use them, and I can get a solid handful or more sessions out of a single charge before one of those ‘these could probably all use a boost, lets just charge them up’ days rolls around. If you’re someone who goes for really long sessions (especially with the toy on the highest setting which draws more power) and/or forgets to recharge, this might be something for you to consider.

Overall I’m a huge fan. I’ve got a little storage box next to my bedside that holds my “go-to” toys – which there are only like…4 of – and the Cici is at the top of the list for insertables. I love my Womanizer Duo and my Lovense Lush, but they require more work because of their size. The Cici I can just reach over and grab in the middle of masturbating if I realize I’d prefer some G-spot action, with the other ones I have to stop what I’m doing, get up and grab something to put on the bed (cuz of the lube) and then I have to find the lube and then I have to slow my pace back down to relax and get comfortable for the insertion because those toys are bigger… the Cici is literally a grab-n-go toy for me. It’s damn near perfect, my criticisms are so minor compared to how muchI like it.

Big thanks to Peepshow Toys for sending me the Cici to review! You can get your own by Clicking Here

Svakom Cici – Tl;dr