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above view of blue Sola branded box

I feel like we need to talk a little bit about my G-Spot. I’ve talked about it before in my post specifically explaining the beginnings of my explorations into internal stimulation and the toys I liked at the time, as well as what I hoped to find in the future (more good G-spot toys), but I think theres a little missing info and a few important developments since we last spoke on the subject.

First, I don’t think I made a correlation in my G-spot post between my ability to feel pleasurable internal sensations and my hormone levels/where I’m at in my menstrual cycle, which is sort of big thing for me to have overlooked. A lot of people who menstruate will attest to the differing in sensations they feel being dependent on what’s going on with their hormones and how that’s affecting their body. A lot of people wont have period sex because it’s anything from unpleasurable to outright painful to be penetrated while they’re menstruating, whereas a lot of other people find it more pleasurable and even soothing to their period pains. Me personally? When I was regularly menstruating I was in a lot of pain, and would experience an intense desire to have something inside of me – more than I ever felt at any other point in my monthly cycle. My cervix was also extremely sensitive and I enjoyed much rougher deeper penetration that honestly would cause even more pain, but for some reason that’s what my body craved at the time. Hormones make you do weird shit.

Why does this matter so much if it’s so common? Well, a few years ago I started what’s called “continuous cycling.” It basically means that if you are on the birth control pill, you keep taking your pill for longer than 3 weeks, shortening the number of periods you have each year. For a while I was spending 3 months “on” and then I’d take one week “off”, giving me 4 periods each year instead of once a month like most people. This doesn’t hurt my body in any sort of way, but it does change what’s going on with my hormone levels and consequently that changes what my body feels like. My 4 weeks off were a lot more severe than the 12 weeks I’d have on a normal cycle before, and my 4 periods were far more intense in every way – pain levels, cramps, mood fluctuations, blood flow, etc. I started trying out internal vibrators just before I changed the way I took my birth control, so the way they felt for me changed sort of mid-way through those few years of 3 weeks on/1 week off.

I’ve just recently passed my 2 year mark with a different type of continuous cycling – one where I stopped having a week off my pills at all, ever. I no longer allow myself a period, unless I start spotting heavily (my body’s way of telling me it needs a break. This has only happened once in the last 2 years) I wrote my G-spot post in March of last year, so a little bit after I’d completed my first year of no periods at all. The way I experience internal stimulation has changed yet again, and I think at least some of it is indeed due to how I’m controlling my hormones through birth control pills. I’m happier and more comfortable all around, but it does mean I lack those couple of weeks where every nerve inside my vagina is overly-sensitive and eager for attention. Internal vibes still feel plenty nice, but I haven’t had an internal vibe send me over the edge in quite a while.

view of inside of box

With all that in mind – let’s discuss the Sola Cue G-spot Vibrator. I would still like to find that internal vibrator that blows my mind, so I’m still testing. The Cue is a waterproof, rechargeable, 5 speed/5 function, slightly flexible, silicone vibrator by Sola (aka Blush) that is currently taking the reviewer world by storm.

The Cue’s presentation is certainly lovely – something that I’m always a sucker for. Inside the beautiful sky-blue box are all the usual suspects: vibrator, charging cable, manual, storage pouch I’ll never use.

top view of contents of box - vibrator, manual, charging brick, box containing storage bag, box containing charging cable

The Cue has 5 steady speeds which I find to be a decent range. The vibrations remain fairly rumbly even on the 5th speed. I generally don’t find a lot of use for patterns and that remains true for the Cue. I always dislike when the speed functions are mixed with the pattern functions because I usually don’t remember which speed I’m on, leading me to be very close to orgasm and accidentally switching over to a pattern when I think I’ve got one more speed left, but luckily the Cue at least includes a separate button allowing me to immediately revert back to the last speed, rather than forcing me to cycle all the way through like some other vibes.

top view of buttons on bottom of handle

I find the buttons a little difficult to push, which is problematic when I’m trying to turn it off in a hurry since that requires pushing and holding the minus button for a few seconds. I’d like to see Sola loosen that up a bit. The magnetic charging is also a point of annoyance with me. Lots of other companies have figured out how to make waterproof toys that have normal plug-in-style charging ports in them, I don’t know what the magnetic charging craze is all about. More often than not I knock a cable just the tiniest bit loose or the toy rolls over just a smidge and pushes the cable off, and I’m left with a toy that hasn’t been charging for hours and hours like I thought it was. To me, magnetic charging on sex toys falls under “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

view of magnetic charging porn on back of handle

How the Cue feels is the part I’m struggling to talk about. I’d bet dollars to doughnuts that if I went off my pills for a week the Cue would be an excellent tool in trying to quell the overwhelming need to rattle my insides. I am not, however, going to mess with my hormones just so I can give a toy a glowing review, so as it stands right now – the way my body is responding to internal sensation right now – the Cue feels…okay. I know that differs wildly from what other reviewers are saying about it, and that makes me feel like maybe I’m not giving it a fair shake, but I can’t go fiddling with my medications to try and see what my body “really likes”, and honestly, unmedicated is not my reality. The truth is that I am probably going to be on these pills and not having periods for many more years until I can get all of my reproductive organs removed, so my truth is whatever stimulation feels like to me while I’m on this medication in this manner. My truth is that the Cue is indeed nice, but it doesn’t send me hurtling over an orgasmic cliff either. The size is a bit much for me if I’m not super turned on already before I attempt to insert it. The flexible neck – while a selling point for some people – means I have to push the handle down even harder in order to angle the end into my tucked away G-spot. Combine that death-grip with the tough to push buttons and the Cue doesn’t make my list of favourite G-spot vibes. Perhaps if the neck were rigid, perhaps if the head of the toy were a bit more pronounced so I didn’t have to angle it so hard, and perhaps if the 5 patterns were replaced with even higher, stronger speeds, or perhaps if my body just weren’t so tricky I could really go nuts for the Cue, but that’s not the case.

Side view of Sola Cue

I do encourage people thinking about the Cue to check out other reviews on it. It does seem like I’m really going against the grain here and I get that. If your G-spot is easy to please (or even just the itty bittiest bit easier than mine) then the Cue is probably going to feel great for you. I truly do have the most insufferably difficult G-spot to wrangle I think. Still, I hope to one day stumble on something that will make it truly happy.

Big thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Sola Cue for review! You can buy your own by clicking Here

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