Toy Review – Cush O2 by Tantus

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Long time listener, first time caller…I’m addicted to sex toys. 

You know, some people collect stamps, others collect baseball cards, me? Dildos. It’s basically the same thing. 

So lets begin. I think first impressions are important, so I picked one of my bigass dicks to start off with. Meet Cush O2 from Tantus

Cush is one of the prettiest dildos I own. Looks are important to me. Mine pictured here is the Twilight color scheme, which coincidentally matches my nails today!

Is it safe?

Cush is made of tantus’ premium 100% silicone, that means it’s body safe, non-toxic, non-porous, and feels super wonderfully smooth. A lot of cheap jelly/plastic/pvc/rubber/etc toys will feel sticky to the touch, especially as time goes on and the materials begin to degrade or interact with other things they touch and absorb lubes and fluids. Really good silicone like these toys are made from feels smooth and almost velvety, never truly sticky. They still may have some static and will pick up lint and dust if you roll them around on your floor, but it will rinse right off without any hassle (and maybe don’t leave your dicks all over the floor) It also has no chemical/rubbery smell and no taste!

How do I care for it?

If you do drop them on the floor, or do what you’re supposed to do with them and have them come into contact with lube and/or body fluids, washing is super easy. Mild soap and warm water will often be all you need, but if you want to be extra thorough (like if you’re sharing the toy with one or more partners, or using the toy in multiple orifices) a quick boil, or a couple minute soak in 10% bleach solution will do the trick as well.

I’m a simple girl, I need toys of low maintenance. When I’m done I typically just wash with soap, leave on the counter to dry for a few minutes, and then pack away in a sealed ziplock. Easy peasy. When I want to use it again, I give it a fast rinse to make sure theres no lint or dust, apply lube, and we’re good to go.


Tell me more about the dildo!

Why I chose Cush O2:

So, a little bit of backstory – I never used to care for insertables at all. They were not on my radar. I am not someone who can orgasm from penetration, so unless the things penetrating me were attached to a partner, I really couldn’t care less about having it at all. Sure, sometimes penetration helps, but not to the point where I was investing in things to do said penetration with.

But then we bought a fucking machine, so I HAD to buy dildos to put on it. (Though in all honesty I don’t know if I would ever use this particular dildo on said machine, and I’ll get to that in a minute. ) I browsed every toy retailer I’m familiar with searching for a couple of dildos. I settled on Shevibe and came up with another dildo that I absolutely love love love and will write about later and then threw the Cush into my cart on a bit of a whim… I need variety! In the off chance I wouldn’t like the first dildo, I’d have a back-up dildo. You always need a backup dildo. 

Cush was pretty, simple, sleek, and not overly realistic. I’m not a fan of hyper-realistic dildos. HOWEVER, I’m ALSO not a fan of super unrealistic dildos either. My body does not enjoy the feeling of nibs and nubs and bumps and waves and ribs and beads and weird shapes my vag just does.not.make. I’m not saying I need a perfectly straight boring stick, but I am sort of hard to please when I don’t want things that look like sea monster parts nor do I want things that look like giant hulking veiny manparts. Cush is just sort of perfect in the design category.

This particular dildo of theirs is also what’s called “Dual Density”, which means that there is a bit of a softer squishier outer layer on top of a firm inner core. It’s neither the floppy uncontrollable jelly nor the rock hard unyielding plastic that other toys offer. When it comes to toys, dual density is the closest you’re going to come to real body parts in terms of softness and maneuverability, in my opinion.

Now, in the interest of full honesty, I have another toy of a smaller size that is also dual density, and this toy has a thicker outer layer of that softer squishier silicone, which is one of the reasons I love it. In my opinion, Cush could use a little more give, especially for such a girthy toy. The head of the toy is pretty squishy, but the shaft is a bit rigid for my tastes, especially with that wave in the middle. I cannot however say how old my toy is, as I did not buy it directly from Tantus and I don’t know how long the store I did purchase from had it in their inventory. Tantus is constantly on the road of improvement, so its entirely possible (though again, I’m not sure and can’t promise this) that their newer batches may be softer.

Why I probably won’t strap Cush to my fucking machine:

It’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be! I am a visual person, and I’m pretty bad with numbers, so when I read dildo sizes listed on websites I am really just drawing a blank trying to picture how big something actually is. So if you’re like me…I hope this helps.

I searched for household items I could compare the size to and be able to give a visual representation of what a 1.75″ diameter (straight across the middle of a circle) looks like. On the left is a bottle of Victorias Secret perfume, which happens to be EXACTLY the same circumference (all the way around a circle) as the dildo. On the right is a typical sized beer bottle, which is one inch larger in circumference than the dildo. It’s also the same size as my salt shaker, but I think those are likely to be very different in everyone’s houses. If you’re still not sure how big this thing is, it’s extremely close to the circumference of a Bounty paper towel tube (the paper towel tube being just a tiny bit smaller) I highly recommend doing this when buying a toy online, if you’re like me and piss-poor at visualizing size correctly. Find something in your house that has close to the same girth and decide if you think you could fuck that.

I myself am no size queen. For me to comfortably use Cush I need quite a bit of warm-up, a flat relaxed body position, and a lot of lube. I do really enjoy it once we’re passed the initial “I don’t know what I was thinking this will never fit” stages, but this is not a toy I would personally strap to a machine that can jackhammer me into oblivion, this is a toy more suited for slow and dare I say sensual play. I rarely even thrust when I’m using this toy, most of the time I just sort of tap on the base or wobble it up and down. “FULL” is certainly a word I would use to describe the feeling of Cush. The toy does have a nice heft to it though, weighing ~.74lbs, it feels pretty solid in your hands (and elsewhere). I haven’t tried using this toy as a strap-on so I cannot (yet) comment on ease of use there, but the core is pretty firm, it should in theory maneuver quite well, however it will not bend to hit those sweet spots some people have tucked away, or be terribly comfortable in more bent body positions for people that cannot handle it’s girth, this is perhaps a straight-in-and-out sort of toy.

If this is too big for you and you’re looking for something to be a bit more…shall we say, vigorous with, the Flurry O2 is a very similar design in a slightly smaller girth, and the same materials. I have not tried the Flurry however, in hindsight I probably should have gone with that one. I have high ambitions I guess.

I also want to note that my strap-on harness O-ring will not fit a 1.75″ diameter toy, so if I ever want to use this with my harness I will need to purchase larger O-rings. This is no big deal for me, but if your sole purpose of dildo buying is for strap-on usage, I figure this would be good to know.

And thats that! Cush O2 is not my go-to toy, but it is a really fantastic toy to have in my arsenal. Yes, it’s an arsenal. 

Tantus CushO2 TL;dr