Toy Review – The Duo by Womanizer

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Continuing my strange new influx of dual-stimulators, we have the Duo, courtesy of Womanizer. 

Photo of black womanizer duo dual-stimulator in box packaging on blue background

Out of the 3 Womanizers and 6 Satisfyers I’ve tried, I’ve only really liked maybe 3? And of those 3 total only 1 is a Womanizer – the Pro40 – which of course was discontinued last year after it became one of the only toys I own that could reliably get me off (edit : They brought it back, nobody panic!) I’m all too personally familiar with the fact that even within a brand, each of these “air pressure” models are going to feel entirely different, which makes knowing if you’re going to enjoy it or not a total gamble. When you try to compare multiple models over different brands, it gets even worse. I can recommend dildos all day long and can give decent feedback on vibrators, but when it comes to someone asking if they’re going to like one of these types of toys, I have to admit to them that I have no idea, because with them all feeling so different, I can’t even tell if I’m going to like it. 

Photo of black womanizer duo dual-stimulator inside box packaging next to instruction booklet

Which was my exact suspicion of the Duo. Though my initial feelings of the Pro40 were a sort of reluctant acceptance, it eventually grew on me and became the first and often only toy I’d reach for on a near-daily basis. But from the very start I fucking hated the Starlet and felt very similarly about the 2Go. From this I gathered that Womanizer products are going to be extremely polarizing for me – I’m gonna love it or I’m gonna despise it. I could only hope the Duo would be in the former category. Besides, I hated the other two and they stopped making my favorite – I deserve a win, don’t I?

The Duo is an upgrade of Womanizer’s Inside Out model that’s been around for a little while now. Womanizer merged with We-Vibe late last year, and the Duo is their first joint-gift to us. Most notably in the upgrades, the Duo’s internal vibration arm was spruced up with a rumblier, more powerful We-Vibe Tango motor. 

Photo of contents of box - black womanizer duo dual-stimulator, instruction booklet, box containing extra suction head and magnetic charging cable, cloth carrying case

While I never tried to insert my Tango (before it died) I wasn’t too upset by the We-Vibe Jive so I imagined that the vibration wouldn’t be too much of an issue. The real test was going to be the Womanizer half – the “suction” (as they still like to call it even though its shockwaves through the air between the nozzle and the clit and not suction at all so I don’t know why we’re still on this “suction” kick…)

Photo of back of toy showing magnetic charging port

When the Duo arrived my first impression was that it was enormous and I was going to be very upset if this very large contraption sucked. It makes me really disappointed when companies have a TON of room to make something really good and they absolutely bomb – especially when I can point to several much smaller devices that are incredibly better. I expect a lot out of a toy that’s the same size as my forearm.

Luckily, I actually really quite like the Duo. I also considered the difficulty I have when I want to use any clitoral toy alongside a dildo or internal vibrator, and suddenly I wasn’t so turned off by how gigantic the Duo initially seemed. What is usually a major battle for real-estate around my junk was solved by combining the two sensations I was looking for into one object. Dual-stimulators don’t work very well for some people who generally prefer to thrust with whatever toy they’re using internally, because it means having to pull the clitoral stimulator away, but I don’t like to move my clit toys very much and if I’m using an internal vibrator I actually need to keep it fairly static and pressed firmly into my G-spot, so connecting a vibrating clitoral and G-spot toy isn’t so bad for me. 

Close up photo of toy's buttons split into a diamond pattern - top and right buttons control the air pressure feature, left and bottom buttons control internal vibration. button beneath the diamond controls the pattern settings

The internal arm did not disappoint. It’s not the most powerful most rumbly vibe I’ve ever put inside myself, but I admit that I sometimes actually like a tiny bit of annoying buzz on my G-spot, so the Duo does just fine for me. The “suction” part had that certain je ne sais quoi that differentiates between good air pressure toys and horrendous ones for me. Finally, the fit was just right – the clitoral nozzle snuggles up to my body without any weird contorting to force the fit, and the G-spot arm hits the right spot as well. It is so unlike me to say this, but everything about the fit and feel of this toy are Goldilocks levels of just right

HOWEVER – you know I couldn’t leave you without mentioning this – the buttons. My only issue is the button design. I LOVE that the suction and vibration are separate functions! I LOVE that there’s a quick on and off power button separate from the others! I don’t use it myself but I like that there’s an option to turn on a function that makes the toy stop when you pull the nozzle away from your body (yknow, when you need to be discreet.) I love that the patterns button is entirely separate and that you can control the intensity of the vibration and suction separately within the pattern and I love that you don’t have to use a pattern at all if you don’t want to. Womanizer got all of the functions correct. 

I just hate the design. I hate that the buttons are positioned in a diamond pattern and that I have to leave my almost-orgasmic state in order to mentally envision the diamond shape and run my thumb around the full pattern in order to figure out which button I want to press to change a setting. I hate having to move diagonally to turn something up or down instead of left to right or…up and down… 

Aesthetically, It’s just lovely. In practice, I hate it. No diagonals, please. 

In the end the Duo is an absolutely delightful add to my collection and I see it getting quite a lot of future use. I wish these types of toys were easier to recommend (especially at their higher price points) because I love it and I’d love to be able to say with surety that other people would love it too.

Big thanks to Womanizer for sending me the Duo to review. You can purchase your own Duo by clicking Here or visiting any of my other preferred retailers that stock Womanizer products.

The Womanizer Duo – Tl;dr