Toy Review – The Hop Oh Bunny by Blush Novelties

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Hi there, me again, here to talk about my weird vulva, cuz this review has brought up feelings.

If you don’t feel like reading that whole other post, the cliff notes are that my external clit just doesn’t exist. There’s no hood, there’s no shaft, there’s no glans – it’s not there. (Also no inner labia. Weird right? How could that be!? Read the post.) This makes using toys that are specifically designed for stimulating that part kinda weird, sometimes hard, sometimes impossible, sometimes painful, because I’m applying a device to tissues it wasn’t designed for. Plain vibes work because I still have plenty of nerve endings buried under the skin and there’s a spot sort of to the right of center that responds best, and I manage to get by with some air-pulse toys even though their nozzles are not encapsulating anything they’re supposed to, but suction – real suction – toys have caused me issues. And that’s where this guy comes in.

The Oh Bunny – part of the Hop Pleasure Bunnies line by Blush – is an internal vibrator with a true suction clit cup. While most people describe the sensation of air-pulse toys like the Womanizer and Satisfyer as feeling like suction, this one actually sucks. The flexible external arm ends in an oval-shaped cup about an inch wide that is designed to seal over the clitoral tissue. The motor draws air in through a small hole in the cup which creates a suction, then releases through a tiny hole in the back of the handle in short bursts.

I’ve tried a few true suction toys before with rather negative results but I still wanted to give this one a shot. Previously I tried a regular pussy pump that is designed for more of the whole vulva, and that pinched and hurt. Then I tried the weird suction and oral sex simulator thing from Pipedream that also cups over most of the vulva, and that pinched and hurt (when I use it I ditch the suction cup and just use the tongue feature). My problem with the larger pumps seems to be that I’m missing looser labial and hood tissue that can get pulled into the cups without really yanking on it. Suction toys like those are generally used to cause a slight inflammation to the tissues they’re used on which increases sensation. I don’t have those tissues to suck on and enlarge so the force is directed to the edges of the toy where it seals to my body and just really tugs till it hurts. The Oh Bunny is the first toy I’ve had that is specifically just supposed to suck on the clit so I thought maybe it would behave differently. Unfortunately I was wrong – no matter where or how I position it, it just pinches and pulls too tightly even on the lowest setting. You might be thinking “well duh, you said you don’t have the thing it’s supposed to suck on in the first place” but I hoped that the small size would tug less around the edges and it would be kind of like putting a hickey on the side of someone’s neck – the tissue there is flat and taught but it still feels nice. Maybe I should have seen it coming, but I had hope. Those hopes are now dashed, now we don’t have to do it again. Yay for science, boo for my genitals.

The Oh Bunny has 10 suction functions. I quickly tried them all even though they hurt, and I think they probably make up an interesting variety for someone who has the right parts for it. It’s also got 10 vibration functions – 5 steady intensities and 5 patterns. The vibrations not the worst but it gets a bit buzzy as it increases and I’m not usually one for patterns – I’ve had stronger and rumblier. The thing that gets me about the vibrator part of the toy is that it’s just very basic. It’s truly an afterthought to the suction feature, like the only reason it exists is because they had to attach the clit sucker to something so they went “oh what the hell, make it a rabbit, stick the most plain vibrating cylinder we’ve got on there and call it a day.” There’s nothing special about the shape, if I could use the suction function I’d be lucky the arm is so flexible because I have to angle the vibrator pretty steeply to hit my G-spot right. If they wanted a boring body, Blush could have at least just taken the body of one of their other toys – the Sola Cue/Wellness G Curve, which is much stronger and rumblier – and stuck the suction part on it and it would be an enormous upgrade. Any time a company already has a pretty good design and then….doesn’t transfer that over to the rest of their product line and instead settles for less really confuses me. You’ve shown us you can make it better – do it!

If you’re a regular reader you already know what I’m going to say about The Oh Bunny’s buttons. The top is to turn the suction on, the bottom operates the vibrations – and yes, there are only two. You must cycle up through all ten functions to get back down to the first, which annoys the fuck out of me. I get that when you’ve got multiple independent functions going on, you run out of space, but being able to turn the dial back instead of increase-only is really important to me. I hate going from mind-blowing-orgasm-I-think-if-I-go-any-longer-I-might-explode to OFF. I want to ease my way back down. This toy did not and could not give me that kind of intense orgasm but that’s besides the point. I want the option.

(That’s not dried up junk gunk on the handle, that’s a really messy glue job attaching the silicone to the plastic handle)

Overall I think if you can handle the suction sensation it probably plays a major role in overlooking the lacklustre vibe. I’m a little extra bitchy about it because this isn’t one of Blush’s cheaper designs, for almost a hundred bucks I’d really like them to pull out all the stops and that didn’t happen with the Oh Bunny. If you find that you also don’t enjoy or cant use the suction feature then you’re stuck with a pretty overpriced vibe, and even if you actually do have all the right parts, finding the suction to be too much or painful or unpleasant or otherwise undesirable is not totally out of the question – this is a real risk people take with toys like these. I feel like if you’re making a toy with dual functions, both should be as best as they can be in case one of them doesn’t quite suit the user. You don’t want your customers to feel like they totally wasted their money because they dared to try something new.

Big thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Oh Bunny for review! If you want to try your own you can get it by clicking Here

**Betty’s has stopped stocking this item – all purchase links have been redirected to a retailer who still has it in stock

The Hop Pleasure Bunnies Oh Bunny by Blush Novelties – Tl;dr

Some notes for the Tl;dr : Length is listed as only 4 inches because that’s the usable insertable amount, the full handle is about 7.75 inches long. I listed the Oh Bunny as loud because of the suction feature – the vibrator isn’t terrible but the suction can get pretty noisy, especially if you’ve applied enough lube. Finally I consider the vibrations kinda rumbly – they’re not like a gnat buzzing in your ear – but they’re not great so they got a low score.