Toy Review – The Iroha Yuki by Tenga

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above photo of yuki

I said back when I took a swing at the Iroha+ Kushi that I thought maybe I’d like something less texture-y and not as broad as the body but not as pin-point as the nub. In perusing the rest of the Iroha line, I settled on the Yuki as the shape that – if any Iroha vibe would work for me – would be the most likely to get me off.

Photograph of the black Yuki box with white picture of Yuki on it. Box is separated into two separate pieces, one holding the toy, the other holding the manual, cables, etc

While the Kushi comes from the Iroha + line, the Yuki is part of the original 3 shapes. They differ in a few ways, but share the same overall characteristics. All products in both lines are made of squishy silicone, they all have separate on/off and intensity changing buttons (love), each use those buttons as the charging magnets that connect to the bottom of the storage case that doubles as a charger, are waterproof, are pretty quiet, and have a bit of a rumble to them.

above photo showing the two pieces of the box opened

The main area of difference is that the Iroha + line has 5 levels of intensity, where the original line only has 3 (and 2 pulse patterns where the original line only has 1…but I don’t care about those.) This is a big deal to me because I actually kinda like the Yuki, except that it can’t make me cum. I don’t really personally subscribe to the idea of “warm up toys” so if it can’t carry the job from start to finish it gets banished to the unused toys drawer and never comes back out. Perhaps it would have been wiser to go for the Tori instead, but if my original choice in the Kushi is any indication – I’m not making wise decisions here.

above photo of yuki next to kushi

If I didn’t need the power, I’d find the Yuki to be quite nice. My big complaints with the Kushi were that I’m not actually designed to enjoy all the texture the majority of the toy provides, nor can I just squish a broad blob into my genitals and get any sort of pleasure from it. The little nub on the end was what I had to use to reach my clit, but the pointiness made it less than comfortable, and still most of the vibration was dampened from traveling through the wide body of the toy and into my hand.

The Yuki solves all the design problems. It’s extremely comfortable for me to slide the small bulb of the Yuki between my labia while resting the larger base on top my pubic mound. Because the whole top of the toy is smooth and nice and squishy it doesn’t hurt to apply a bit of pressure or grind my vulva onto the toy. While the very entrance to my vagina is not where I really get any pleasure out of vibrations, the small end is suggested as being insertable if that’s the kind of thing you want to do with it. All in all, it’s a pretty decent shape for how I’d like to use it.

above photo of the yuki on its charging base, clear plastic cover set to the side

But that power. I’ll admit, this was again a fuck-up of my own creation. I did not check the Iroha website (or other people’s reviews) for the toy specs to make sure that the original line and plus line were the same devices – I assumed they were and it was just the designs that were “upgraded” in the plus category. Had I made myself aware that they were actually different machines, the Yuki only having 3 levels on the plus line’s 5 levels would have been a huge red flag. I need all the power I can get, so if the Kushi’s highest setting was still a struggle for me then of course the Yuki’s 3rd speed wouldn’t cut it.

Above photo of Yuki on it's top, showing buttons underneath, next to charging plate

The whole thing has been excruciating because the Yuki does feel good. Because of its smoothness I tried out something I wouldn’t normally do, and started on the lowest level, rubbing it over my clit instead of finding the right spot and holding deathly still like usual, slowly working my way up the intensity ladder as arousal built…and then I hit the fucking pulse pattern. I needed that fourth setting, I needed that fifth setting (fuck let’s be real, I’d likely need to crank this baby all the way to eleven) but they just weren’t there. Again and again I had to toss the Yuki to the side in frustration and call in the big guns, and that type of use just does not interest me. In the end, for someone like me who relies heavily on super intense vibrations, the Yuki sadly comes up short.

*Something weird I want to make note of

The Iroha and Iroha+ line are designed to be stored inside their cases, and this makes perfect sense because the cases are also the chargers so you really wouldn’t want to separate them anyway. Normally I would do exactly that, but in a hurry to de-sex-toy my house for visitors one day, I took the Yuki and a New York Toy Collective packer that had been drying on my bathroom sink and just tossed them into a drawer. When I went to grab them a few days later, this was the result :

The bottom of the packer had a dent that corresponded to a flattened spot on the Yuki. I reached out to Tenga about this and they told me that their only guess was that the pressure of the weight of the packer on the Yuki had caused the dented area, and that if I just left it for a bit it might go back to its original shape. I took the photos for this review a few weeks later and they weren’t edited to remove any dents, so obviously the Yuki went back to normal. The packer has lost its dent as well. I did another test where I wrapped each toy in cling-wrap and then placed heavier objects on top of them and left them for a week, but no new dents in either toy were made. As such, I still don’t really know why these two toys reacted to each other the way they did. I DO believe both companies are entirely reputable and I believe they are using the materials they claim (body-safe silicones), so this reaction is strange. Silicone SHOULD be able to touch other silicone without any reaction at all. None of my other silicone toys that I leave laying about touching one another have ever done this. At any rate – neither toy was permanently harmed, and neither toy is harmful to the body, but if you do have any of these toys from the Iroha lines I suggest that you do always keep it inside its case, so as to avoid accidental dents.

Big thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Yuki to review. You can buy your own by clicking Here

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