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Well, Womanizer did it. I’ve been going on and on for years now about how difficult it is to pick or recommend an air-pressure/”sucking” toy because all the brands feel different – and worse – all the models inside a single brand also feel different. I find this particularly bothersome because when you’re shopping around within a brand, you’re probably looking at price, features, shapes – you expect the actual sensations to feel the same (or at least I do), they’re using all the same motors and the same tech built by the same manufacturer so they should be reasonably similar.

I’ve tried SEVEN Womanizer products and not one of them has felt very similar to another one (to me) until now. Unfortunately, the two that feel the most alike are the two I most hate. Go figure.

The Liberty is a travel-friendly model that is otherwise mid-range in every way. Middle of the price spectrum ($80 – $200), middle of the features (4-12 intensity levels), middle size/shape – it’s what I imagine a lot of folks are looking for. The Liberty doesn’t overwhelm with options, isn’t reliant on iffy gimmicks, it doesn’t break the bank, it’s not huge and cumbersome in the hand, and especially with that cute travel cover, it doesn’t scream “SEX TOY” to anyone who might accidentally happen upon it. By all accounts it should be a decent toy. Maybe not the best of the best, but not garbage either. It should have found that sweet spot right in the middle.

But I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate it with the passionate rage I hated the Starlet and the Starlet 2… because they feel exactly the same.

The difference seems to only be in the shape and the price. The Liberty is shortened slightly and slimmed down a tad (and of course has the magnetic cover.) The buttons have been moved from the outside of the body to the inside, which I’m not too keen on. The one thing I really like about the Starlet 2 and also the Liberty is the shape that conforms nicely to my body. If I actually liked how it felt at all, this would be a good toy to use during partner-facing sex or when I’m trying to use my Liberator pillow with a dildo in a riding position – it’s tough wedging most clit toys into the right position without jabbing yourself or your partner with hard plastic contraptions. The Liberty is small and curved and doesn’t get in the way too badly. I wasn’t overly thrilled with the button placement on the outside of the Starlets just because I’m not used to hitting buttons with my fingers (the Pro40 has the buttons on the inside, but in the middle of the handle so I hit them with my thumb) but for such a small body like the Liberty, outside buttons feel like a must. Putting the button on the inside means that this toy that perfectly nestles to my body has to be pulled away so I can wedge my hand between us to operate the controls.

The Liberty also does a strange thing that I don’t recall any of the other models doing – you have to hold down the increase button to turn it off. The Starlets, the Pro40, the Duo (and pretty much all other vibrators I’ve encountered) all turn off when you hold down the decrease button. It feels counter-intuitive to reach for the switch that turns it up when I want to turn it off and because I’m so used to it being the other way around, every time I use the Liberty I have a little panic at the end that I can’t get my sex toy to shut down (I’ve been cursed with toys that I can’t turn off before, it’s not fun.)

Feel-wise I can’t distinguish the Liberty from the Starlet 2 at all, and that’s what’s most disappointing to me. The Starlets felt too rough and unrefined to me. The Pro40, Duo, and even the Premium – though I didn’t like it as much – have a strong but smoother sensation that the Liberty can’t achieve. While I enjoy strong and rumbly vibes, the Liberty just recklessly batters my clit without actually feeling good. I have to turn the intensity all the way up (level 6) from the beginning for it to feel a bit smoothed out and also be strong enough, but getting an orgasm out of it is tough and ultimately unsatisfying.

I also find the Liberty a bit louder than the Pro40, Duo, Premium (but not the Starlet) and the battery life is only half those other models (but not the Starlet.)

Basically, it’s just a smaller Starlet (but not the smallest) with a cover and two more intensity levels and buttons in a weird spot. An improvement? I wouldn’t say so. Just cosmetically different. The only positive that’s come out of this for me is being able to finally make a solid comparison between two models, so if someone’s budget hinges on just a 20 dollar difference I can suggest either the Starlet 2 or the Liberty. If I were magically put in charge of the Womanizer line-up, I’d personally scrap the Starlet 2 and shift the Liberty into its price bracket as a true middle option instead of having two models that are basically indistinguishable besides the case they come in and 20 bucks in the price.

Big thanks to Womanizer for sending me the Liberty to review! You can find your own by Clicking HERE

Womanizer Liberty – Tl;dr