Toy Review – The Naughty Bits Suck Buddy by California Exotics

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This is a tricky review for me. Typically I write only what works for me and my body, and I don’t venture off into too much speculation of “if you have X Y or Z differently then it will totally work for you!” – I leave that determining up to my readers. It’s really your choice to read what I write and then decide if the things that are important to me are important to you, if we have similar desires for stimulation, if we have similar body experiences. I don’t feel like crowding my reviews with laundry-lists of why you might like something I don’t and that’s why you should try something even though I’m not enjoying it, I think that’s just a given, you can figure that out yourself.

This toy though…I’m going to make an exception for, because I don’t actually outright hate it, and I can very clearly see how it would work for a lot of other people.

The Suck Buddy from CalExotics’ Naughty Bits line is a simple and compact pressure-wave toy where of course the “suck” is a misnomer (not a true suction – like most toys being billed as “suction” toys, it actually behaves more like a subwoofer, vibrating the air inside the nozzle, sending pulses or pressure waves to the skin.) It fits well in the palm, is waterproof, rechargeable, has 10 speeds, and is relatively quiet.

Two things immediately jumped out at me to go on my Cons list for this toy – one of them being the fairly small nozzle. Compared to other toys of this relative size, like the Womanizer Starlets or Satisfyer’s Penguin, the Suck Buddy’s nozzle is very tiny and also shallow – both of which I think impact the intensity of the sensation. The intended use of the nozzle is to surround the tip of the external clitoris, so the smaller the nozzle gets the less compatible this toy becomes for folks. It can still be used to offer an even more pin-point sensation, but that feeling being directed to just one portion of the surface of the skin is a lot different than that sensation fully enveloping the structure. For comparison, my beloved Pro40 has an oval shaped nozzle that’s 5/8″ on the long side, my backup Penguin is also 5/8, the Pro Traveler, Starlet, and Liberty pictured below are 3/4″. I don’t have the right tools to measure their depths, but they’re all longer nozzles by at least double than the Suck Buddy, whose diameter is only 1/2″. These measurements may seem negligible on paper (or screen, as it were) but when we’re talking about the tiny piece of tissue that is the clitoral head, a little goes a long way.

The tiny nozzle also concerns me when it comes to cleaning. Typically when toys have small pieces or a lot of little detail I’ll recommend dedicating a spare toothbrush to scrubbing out the crevices, but even that wont fit into the hole at the bottom of the nozzle. If you fully submerge that hole in soapy water or bleach, does all the gunk that might collect in there from body fluids and lube definitely get cleaned out? I really couldn’t guarantee. Many of the other air pulse toys I’ve encountered have membranes at the bottom of their nozzles that are basically the same size as the nozzle itself. Womanizer’s toys have holes of this size, but their nozzles are all longer which I think helps to keep any fluids from traveling all the way to base of the device and into those holes.

The second thing that stood out to me, which you may have seen coming if you keep up with my reviews, is the single button. I haaaaate single buttons. I hate only being able to cycle upwards until it turns back to the first setting. I greatly prefer the ability to turn toys up and down, either for a bit of teasing or to slowly and gently come down after orgasm, instead of just flat-out turning the toy off. Normally ten speeds would be great variety, but not if you want to play with the lower settings and have to roll through 5+ more to get back to them.

On the Pros side is everything else, so this is the part where I say if those two Cons don’t bother you, then I could probably recommend this toy for you.

The Suck Buddy’s size is pretty great, it fits in the hand comfortably, the button placement feels natural, it would be easy to travel with and maybe even slip between two bodies during intercourse.

It’s not completely silent but it doesn’t sound like a lawnmower plowing through your bedroom either – I’ve definitely had worse.

While I’m disappointed I can’t go through the speed settings as I’d like, the ten speeds the Suck Buddy has aren’t too shabby either.

Does it make me orgasm? Nnnnnnnnot really. Definitely not easily. I tried to cum with the Suck Buddy many many times and at the beginning of every session I had a sense of “this is going to be the one!” because the Suck Buddy really does feel good to start with. I’m fairly impressed with the Suck Buddy’s ability to stay rumbly through over half of its speeds, but once we get around 7 it starts to lose the nuance of pulsations and feel like a vibrator, and the nozzle isn’t creating a strong or rumbly enough vibration to be effective in that manner. This is the point where optimism and hope are replaced with wild frustration. If I subscribed to the idea of “warm up” toys then the Suck Buddy would be squarely in that category and do a pretty fine job, but I prefer a single toy to get me from start to finish, and the Suck Buddy doesn’t do that for me without a lot of straining on my part. This is where I feel compelled to recommend the Suck Buddy rather than totally roast it, as I know there’s tons of people who don’t need the degree of power that I do to get off and I can really envision this being a perfect option for them, Could the Suck Buddy be easily upgraded? Ultimately there are a number of other toys that are close in size and have the features that I feel the Suck Buddy is missing (Womanizer Liberty and Starlet, Satisfyer Penguin and Pro Traveler) and two of them – the Satisfyers – I even like and regularly use…but they’re all more expensive. Overall I think the Suck Buddy is not bad, I see the potential that it may have for others, but it just wasn’t quite enough for me,

Big thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Naughty Bits Suck Buddy by CalExotics to review! You can get your own by clicking Here

If you’re shopping in Canada, you can also purchase this toy through Naughty North by clicking Here

The Naughty Bits Suck Buddy by California Exotics – Tl;dr