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Pretty much every other review for this toy has started off by pointing out the confusing naming around it – I can’t help it, I’m going to follow suit. “OG” is commonly understood to stand for the “original” or “original gangster”, and while Womanizer as an entire brand certainly is the OG in air-pulse technology, the OG toy by Womanizer is over a dozen models into their line of items ( I would picture the very first Womanizer model – you know the one with the gaudy leopard print and plastic diamond button that I unironically love – would be re-introduced as the OG). It’s the first air-pulse toy developed for internal stimulation so in that regard it is the OG, but that term is also typically bestowed upon something a long while after its incarnation (and after others have attempted to copy it, thus necessitating the label to let people know of its unique and unbeatable quality) not right off the bat…

It’s an odd choice, but lord knows I’ve seen worse (so much worse…) so I won’t dwell on it further than that.

photograph of slate grey insertable air-pulse toy, gently curved in the middle

At first glance the OG looks like any other internal vibrator on the market – silicone covered, reasonable length and width, comfortable middle curve, couple of buttons. It’s only on closer inspection you realize the big air-pulse nozzle on the end. Significantly wider and shallower than the nozzles on most of the toys designed for external use, the OG should be able to cover and create a “seal” to more area focused around the G-Spot, and the low profile certainly makes insertion more comfortable than a nozzle that had to stick up like a cone. The OG can also still be used externally, but that’s not its main focus.

Photograph of slate grey insertable air-pulse toy showing the large shallow oval shaped nozzle, several ridges where toy components join together, and silicone membrane covering the bottom of the well

I don’t know if my worries are entirely founded, but I have concerns about air-pulse models with wide and shallow nozzles like this. With models like my Pro40 or Duo that have long, cone-shaped, removable nozzles, most fluids don’t wind up deep in the inner-workings of the opening, I don’t have to really dig around in there with something that could cause that silicone membrane on the bottom to tear or poke holes around the seals where all the different layers of components come together to ensure the toy is fully cleaned, I just pop the nozzle off and wash that regularly. With the wider-mouthed toys, I have to do exactly what I’m afraid of, and this issue is increased ten-fold with a toy that requires a lot of lube and is meant to be inserted. My external toys can stay completely dry if I like, but the OG essentially behaves like a spoon, collecting all the lubricant and fluids and scooping them out upon removal. A snag or puncture to the inside of the nozzle compromises the toy’s waterproofness, so I worry that every single time I wash it I’m going to accidentally ruin it while I’m scrubbing around in there trying to get all the gunk out of all those ridges and seams. When I tested the waterproof claim of rival brand Satisfyer’s original line, many of them – including several with very wide and/or shallow nozzles that I had to scrub around in to get clean – wound up leaking, and I was able to see the moisture build-up through the clear silicone membranes in the bottom of the nozzles, leading me to believe that’s where the water got in. Ease of care is definitely a thing I take into account when choosing toys I like or dislike, and so far the OG is off to a bad start. I understand why the design is the way it is….but I don’t like it.

Photograph of handle of slate grey air-pulse toy showing buttons - power button at the very tip, then large plus sign button, then smaller minus sign button connected together, when a fourth vibration button a space below

Next up we’ve got buttons. You might be saying “it’s got so many buttons! You should be thrilled! This is what you always want!”, but you may also not be surprised to hear that I’m still not satisfied. The lone power button at the tip of the handle isn’t really necessary – most electronics are turned on and off by long-pressing one of the function buttons, and this has become so commonplace that every time I went to turn the OG on I couldn’t remember how. The power button is also not raised at all, which makes pressing it kind of tough.

The button at the opposite end of the line is used to scroll through three vibration intensities, and while I’m thrilled they’re not followed by three times as many patterns (even though I sometimes enjoy patterns on my G-Spot, I’d rather forego patterns at all if it ensures a decent range of steady vibrations instead) I’m not so jazzed about how there are only three, and you can only scroll through in one direction, and you cannot turn them off completely – the OG is always an air-pulse and vibrational toy. I wished I could have turned the vibration off so I could really focus on the sensation of the air-pulse.

And I wanted that option so bad because frankly, I don’t really feel much of anything particularly novel happening with the OG. I feel the vibrations, and in that sense it feels like a lot of other internal vibes – nothing special – so the air-pulse feature is where the OG really ought to shine. Instead I was pretty….bored. If I crank the air-pulse intensity all the way up I definitely register sensation, but it’s not anything very exciting or even that good, it’s like background noise happening inside my vagina. I don’t love to have internal-only orgasms due to the pain they often cause, so once I’ve added a clitoral toy into the mix, the OG might as well be just any ol’ vibe – or not even there at all. Sadly there is nothing incredible about the OG for me that makes or breaks my orgasm, if I could be just as happy without it then it’s definitely not what I’m reaching for when I’m really craving internal stimulation. I can’t tell why exactly I’m not really registering the pulsing sensation on my G-Spot, and not being able to shut the vibration off doesn’t help. I can’t zero in on the problem, so I don’t really know what to suggest to fix it.

photograph of slate grey air-pulse G-spot vibrator

The fancy features the OG boasts are the semi-new “smart silence” function and the more recent “afterglow” option – neither of which I’m over the moon for.

The smart silence function uses some kind of sensor to detect when the toy is very close to or touching the skin – when you pull it away it shuts off. In theory this is great for folks who struggle to get privacy and can’t risk fumbling with buttons to turn a toy off in a hurry, or don’t want it still buzzing and rattling away while they’re holding it away from the body for whatever reasons but don’t want to turn it off and on again. In practice, it’s finicky. Some external Womanizer toys that implemented this tech already came with warnings in the manual that it doesn’t work very well when the toy is wet, so I was surprised to find this tech being used in a toy that is specifically designed for internal use and whose manual recommends applying lubricant (and then later warns that this function wont work in the presence of said recommended lubricant.) In order to comfortably use the OG you have to make it wet, and then as I mentioned above, it’s going to act as a reservoir for all your body fluids. The manual specifically says to make sure you don’t apply lube inside the nozzle…but it’s completely unavoidable that the inside of the nozzle gets wet unless your vagina is bone-dry (which it’s not – if for no other reason than you just applied lube in order to get the OG inside you in the first place.) The smart silence feature is only a feature if you use the OG externally and without any moisture – otherwise it’s a bug.

The afterglow function is a relatively new one. Its intention is something that I’ve been begging companies to take into consideration for years when they decide how many buttons to use and what their functions will be, but its application by Womanizer is the exact opposite of what I had in mind. I desperately crave the ability in all my electronics to turn the intensity down instead of having to cycle up higher and then land back at the first setting. I don’t want my orgasms to have to end abruptly by just turning the toy off, and I don’t want to have to feel overstimulated (if the toy is even capable of that for me) going up even higher in order to reach the very bottom, and that still isn’t “easing off” like I want, it’s the same abruptness as just turning it off completely to go from the absolute highest to absolute lowest. I want to be able to work my way back down from whatever intensity I orgasmed at, savouring the feeling, pushing my orgasm further without overstimulating. Afterglow is billed as an “easing off” function that places you between screaming with ecstasy and totally turned off, but in reality its a button-press that does exactly what I don’t want – knocks you back to the very lowest setting. The OG comes with two buttons that function as separate increase and decrease controls so I can get it to do exactly what I want – the Afterglow feature is something I never want to activate.

photograph of slate grey air-pulse and vibration internal stimulator and black magnetic charging cable

Overall I was deeply disappointed by the OG. When I first heard of an internal air-pulse toy I was so intrigued – my Pro40 is my near-daily preferred toy for my clit, and I tend to like a sort of aggravating thumping sensation on my G-Spot, so I couldn’t imagine a scenario where this wouldn’t be the perfect idea. I never thought my initial impression would be “I don’t really….feel….anything” about a Womanizer toy that was supposed to be combining some of my favorite things.

Big thanks to Womanizer for sending me The OG to review – you can get yours by Clicking Here

Womanizer OG – Tl;dr

text graphic summarizing tech specs of Womanizer OG