Toy Review – The P Cat by Tracy’s Dog

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Kinda weird that a brand called Tracy’s Dog would have a toy named an abbreviation of Pussycat, and for some reason, for this brand – of all brands, the one that has a category of toys on their website called “Fuck Me Up” (and still somehow the “Suck Me Up” headline is grosser…) the full word Pussycat is too much so it had to be shortened to P Cat??? But hey, nothing about Tracy’s Dog makes a lot of sense and naming things is really not their strong suit.

The P Cat is another air pulse toy that makes me sad. It’s not quite as bad as the Little Witch was, but it’s still not great. For it supposedly being an air pulsator, it just winds up feeling like a buzzy vibrator instead. It has a longer nozzle than the Little Witch did which I attributed to its downfall, but even still there’s a serious lack of depth coming out of the P Cat sensations. I don’t feel that tell-tale pulse or punch to my clitoral tissue – I actually don’t feel like any sensation is making a central contact, rather I feel the buzz down the sides of the nozzle. There’s no sensation in the middle where you’d want it, and there’s definitely no bass. It somehow gives the illusion that the real feeling you want is floating just out of reach, maybe if you just push it into your body harder, maybe if you could just jam a little more tissue into the nozzle, maybe if you could just turn it up a notch…but you’ll never get there.

I can’t be sure about anything because I’m not a sex toy engineer, but I did note that the inside of the nozzle of the P Cat is completely solid with no seams and the bottom of it is completely flat. Every air pulse toy that I have liked looks a lot different than this. Maybe it’s just aesthetics and it has nothing to do with actual function – I don’t know – but it’s definitely different than most, and maybe that’s not a good thing?

I do like the shape of the P Cat, it’s easy and comfortable to hold, the buttons line up well with my thumb, and the curved end of the handle (which looks like a dog bone, which I fucking hate, because I hate this brand name and it fucking squicks me out so much) sort of anchors against my fingers. While I normally praise multiple buttons, the power button only serves to turn the toy on while the squiggle button is used to cycle in one direction through the patterns. I’d rather hold down an Up button to turn it on, hold down a Down button to turn it off, and then be able to move back and forth through the functions with the Up and Down, or have one button for steady intensities and one button for patterns, holding them down to turn them on and off. Worst case I’d like a third button. The configuration it does have sort of wastes the pros of multiple buttons, I hate having to go in only one direction and having to sift through all the patterns to wrap back around to the steady vibrations.

On occasion I’ll enjoy a pattern or two, but the P Cat’s patterns are just too erratic. Points for being unique I guess, but there’s not a single one in the nine possibilities that I enjoy. The fact that there is only one steady intensity is probably why they didn’t bother to make separate buttons. I’m also not jazzed about the fact that it takes an hour and a half to fully charge, but will only last in use for one hour. I’ve got similar toys that last me five or six uses (anywhere from ten to thirty minutes per use) before they need to be recharged, and they’re never actually dead, they’re just noticeably low on battery. Those toys also let me adjust the intensity and I frequently run them almost the entire time I’m using them on their higher intensities, which put more strain on the battery. The P Cat has no reason for not being able to last longer than it does. Even if I did like this toy, I’d be pretty annoyed that I’d have to recharge it nearly every single night instead of once every week and a half or more that I normally do with the toys I use now.

Overall the P Cat disappoints me. I said before that I feel like Tracy’s Dog just wants to churn out a bunch of neat looking shells for otherwise kinda crappy innards instead of focusing on creating a few signature products that are actually really good, even if they’re not the latest and greatest on the outside. When it comes to what’s most important to me in a sex toy, it actually being able to make me orgasm is the top of the list – it could look like a pile of dirt for all I care if it works well. The P Cat is cute…and that’s it. It’s also cheap and waterproof, but so are a million other toys these days – it needs to actually feel good, and I don’t think it does.

Big thanks to Naughty North for sending me the P Cat to review! You can purchase your own by Clicking Here – but you could also browse some other air pulsators that might suit you better on This Page instead.

Tracy’s Dog P Cat – Tl;dr