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Listen, I’ve tried really hard to keep up this grudge I’ve been holding against Satisfyer since our first mass-casualty incident, but Womanizer discontinuing the only model (of the 3 I tried) that I liked, jacking up the prices on the mid-range models, and revamping the style of the new ones means that this hate-on I have for the competition is unsustainable.

above photo of dark purple Satisfyer Pro Traveler on red velvet background. The name "satisfyer" is embelished on the side, two metal magnet charging buttons on the bottom

If I’m following the Satisfyer chronology correctly, after their initial splash and rapid growth in their first line of models – all of which broke on me and spawned my dislike of the company – they re-released their original models in “Next Gen/ 2” format, then moved onto a second line of models in new shapes (some of which were discontinued almost as fast as they came out because…well…they were ridiculous ideas), and then the Pro Traveler followed close behind. Or maybe somewhere in the middle – honestly who knows – it’s been a whirlwind of “suction” toys since they hit the scene.

above photo of dark purple Satisfyer Pro Traveler on red velvet background, held in white woman's hand

I’ve been HOPING that in all this apparent growth through their company that they had managed to address and correct all the issues I had with the original toys they’d sent me, but I wasn’t quite ready to reach out and purposefully try to get my hands on a new model just yet. I’ve been rather content with my Womanizer Pro40 and I wanted to keep it that way.

Then Womanizer merged with We-Vibe, discontinued the Pro40 and seem to have tried moving the Starlet (which I hated) into its place as the low-end model, released a new model that looks the same as the Satisfyer Pro Traveler except it’s about 50 bucks more, and another new model (that I may or may not like because every single one of these damned things manages to somehow feel entirely different from the others) that crosses over into being over $100 for the regular and almost $200 for the souped-up version. You could say I’m a bit displeased.

So here we are giving Satisfyer a third chance. Miraculously, they’ve not yet cocked it all up.

above photo of dark purple Satisfyer Pro Traveler on red velvet background.

Like the rest, the Pro Traveler is a type of air-pressure (or “suction” even though that’s not at all what it’s doing) toy that doesn’t quite vibrate itself so much as vibrates the air between the toy and your skin, sending pulses to your clit. I referenced a sub-woofer in my first Satisfyer post complete with a cute kitty .gif. The toy comes in two magnetically-secured halves and appears fairly discreet save for the “Satisfyer” name embellished on the side. Considering Womanizer tried to bill a humongous lipstick model as their first “discreet” travel option I feel compelled to give Satisfyer a pass for only failing on the outward branding.

My personal opinion on the Pro Traveler has been difficult to form. Much like how I initially reviewed the Pro40 a bit poorly, and then I somehow wound up using the damn thing almost every single night since I got it, the Pro Traveler has had its ups and downs with me.

We actually started quite well and I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t until about a week into testing it out that I had my first bad experience, where I just wasn’t feeling as great about the sensation it was providing as I had previously. It wasn’t “throw this in the garbage” bad, but it wasn’t as good as it had been and I was afraid the earlier tries had been a fluke. Soon after however, we were back to smooth sailing.

Over the course of a few months, I think I finally have it pin-pointed. It’s entirely possible (as some of my previously-badly-reviewed-but-now-I-love-it toys – and vice versa – prove) that bodies and their likes/dislikes change over time but I felt I was noticing a pattern with the Pro Traveler. It turns out that when the Pro Traveler is 100% charged up, I find the pulsations just a bit too harsh – sort of in the same way I don’t like the Womanizer Starlet or some of the old Satisfyer models. I go back to liking it after one or two sessions when the battery has drained just enough to take the edge off. I find the largest discrepancy appears between the first and second settings regardless of battery charge but I really feel it when it’s at 100%. The first setting is very very low (which is great when you have a wide range of intensities and I actually really like to stuff it in my underwear and put it on the first setting as a sort of “warm up” while I find something to watch or ready a dildo or whatever) but the second is almost startlingly higher, and when the toy is fully charged that’s the setting that feels too harsh. Like most toys once I get into the higher settings a bit of buzz starts to creep in and the force of the pulses is at least smoother because of the quickness if not actually dampened, but truly I don’t know if I’ve ever used the Pro Traveler turned all the way up. This toy has eleven settings and surprising to perhaps everybody – myself included – I like the first, second, and third settings the most. I’ve probably gone higher but I don’t recall ever doing the ‘hit the increase button and wail in anguish that it doesn’t go any higher and I need just a little bit more’ dance with this toy, which is incredible considering my history.

I’ve been terrified of my Pro40 dying on me ever since I heard of its discontinuing, since I honestly was using it almost every single day and thought for sure I’d eventually burn up the motor. I even thought about scooping up a handful of back-ups in preparation for the inevitable. The Pro Traveler not sucking gives me a sense of relief (as long as they don’t immediately trash it like they have with so many other models, or decide to “upgrade” it and wind up changing how it feels or operates.) I do still reach for my Pro40 sometimes when I’m struggling and need to feel a slightly different sensation, but so far the Pro Traveler has held up quite nicely.

I’ve got all my usual pro’s and con’s of course.

I like that –

  • It’s pretty quiet, maybe even quieter than the Pro40 and definitely quieter than my other Womanizers and lots of fave vibes. It’s not dead silent but especially on the lower settings it’s not bad. I also think it just emits a different sound that’s a little easier to mask or just isn’t as grating as some other toys so I’m a little less worried that it’s bothersome, but maybe that’s just me.
  • It’s (so far) waterproof and unlike the Pro40, doesn’t have a charging port with a little plug that wound up ripping off and rendering it no longer waterproof.
  • It’s fairly compact and feels comfortable in my hands, pressed against my body, even wedged under me. It wouldn’t be overly obtrusive during penetrative sex.
  • It’s got separate increase and decrease buttons

I don’t like –

  • Magnetic charging. I’m never gonna like this
  • For some reason instead of holding the increase button to turn it on and the decrease to turn it off, you hold the increase button for both. I don’t find it super intuitive to turn it up to turn it off.
  • The buttons are a little hard to tell apart and I often wind up sort of half-depressing one or the other by pressing in between them and nothing happens. Not the best when you need to shut the thing off in a hurry.
  • The company claims it’s their “lay-on style” vibe. While I do sometimes lay on my stomach and shove it underneath me, it’s not really the most comfortable way to use the toy and I definitely wouldn’t be able to do it without also laying on top of my arm and holding it in place. I don’t think it’s comfortable enough or the right shape to just let go of, much less put any weight on or grind into like some other smooth lay-on vibrators. If I let go or put weight on it, it stops hitting the right area and the nozzle digs into my vulva.

All in all the Pro Traveler has earned its spot next to my bed, and unless it has a catastrophic meltdown on me (it could still happen) I feel comfortable recommending Satisfyer as a company for pressure toys on a budget again.

Big thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Satisfyer Pro Traveler to review. You can purchase your own by clicking Here.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler – Tl;dr