Toy Review – The Sensi by Uberrime

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I really wanted to like this dildo. I know I start so many reviews this way, but I honestly believed I had a slam dunk with the Sensi and I’m supper bummed to report that I was wrong. 

Uberrime are a sorta knew company on the scene making these really gorgeous marbled dildos. They’ve got some really interesting shapes, a lot of them come in really squishy silicone, and they’re pretty affordable. In other words – I really wanted to try something from them.

I saw my chance when they put out the Sensi model. It’s not often (like…at all…) that a dildo maker keeps those of us who are the polar opposites of “size-fiends” in mind, so I was so excited to see a dildo that was only a total of 5 inches long, and still a totally manageable 1.6 inches in diameter.

And squishy – oh my god you know I love the squish! This would be heaven, right?

It breaks my heart that my vagina doesn’t agree. I am fucking forlorn over the Sensi.

I prefer the smaller and squishier toys with little to no intricate details because my vag just doesn’t like anything that is not that. I have difficulty taking the girthier sizes, and details, twists, bumps, and weird shapes irritate the tissue at the front of my vagina. Smooth, small, and boring is totes my jam, so you’d think the Sensi would be perfect. Instead I find it weirdly difficult to get in, to the point where I busted out the tape measure to confirm it was actually the size it said it was.

A little resistance with getting past the heads of dildos is pretty normal for me, but in the Sensi’s case, my muscles really clamp down in the shallow underneath the head, and just absolutely refuse to loosen back up enough to comfortably get the shaft the rest of the way in. It seems bizarre when compared to some of the much larger and much more solid dildos I’ve used (and even liked) but I think the big difference is in the shaft shapes. The larger dildos are just straight as a board all the way down, so my vaginal walls stay stretched to a steady diameter, and eventually get used to it. The shaft of the Sensi balloons back outward after the dip at the bottom of the head, making it feel much bigger than it really is. My vagina is essentially a frustrated pet owner scolding an indecisive puppy that “you’re either in or you’re out! I won’t stand here all day opening and closing this door for you!”

And that’s exactly the way the Sensi is treated. With a bit of patience and a lot of lube, I can get it all the way in….but once it’s there it has to stay put. There’s no thrusting to be had, my vag is just dying to shut it out for good should it dare to even think of peeking back outside. It’s a concentrated effort to remain calm enough that my muscles don’t rocket the thing right out of me. Even with the stubby length, it’s not a perfect fit to get the narrow neck of the toy to the front of my vag where it could clamp down a bit and hold it in place. It offers a delightful fullness once I reach that point, but I still have to hold the base to keep from losing it because my vag is just stubbornly determined to evict it. I have to do this with literally all other dildos so this isn’t the world’s greatest inconvenience, but some people describe the Sensi as a “vaginal plug” which implies it operates in the same manner as a butt plug – you should be able to pop it in and let go. In theory, that sounds amazing to me, that full sensation is a love of mine, I’d love to even get up and…I dunno…make a snack or something…while wearing a tiny squishy dildo inside me. No luck with the Sensi though.

Looking at it, rolling it around in my hands, squeezing it between my fingers, I can’t help but think the Sensi is – ugh, so good – so I’m incredibly frustrated that my body refuses to cooperate. I’m determined to keep trying, but at first blush (which, for me is weeks and weeks of trying and trying) our relationship just isn’t going to work out. I’m not giving up on Uberrime just yet either – they’ve got several other models like the Spiro and Amo that have longer straighter shafts. They won’t fill in as “plugs”, but as regular ol’ dildos they might just do the trick.

Big thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Sensi to try. You can get your own by clicking Here

Uberrime Sensi – Tl;dr