Toy Review – The Starlet 2 by Womanizer

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Photo of peach oval-shaped Starlet 2 inside packaging

You may recall that I previously reviewed the original Womanizer Starlet, and I fucking hated it. I hated it the most out of all the “clit sucking” toys I’ve ever owned (eleven and counting.) My body eventually warmed up to and now cant seem to go without the Pro40, and I was devastated to learn that it was discontinued (because what am I supposed to do when it breaks? Well, break it did shortly after, and I scrambled to find one of the last ones on Amazon. I’ve been extremely careful with the charging port and will never ever submerge the new one in water. I need this baby to last me for-fucking-ever.) Despite Satisfyer discontinuing their models in favor of new ones faster than the seasons change, I gave their Pro Traveler a try and don’t totally despise it (but don’t love it either) but felt some real fear of being left without a reliably good daily vibrator should something happen to my new Pro40. I was relieved to find out that I actually really truly love the Womanizer Duo, but I don’t always want a dual-stimulator (and in fact I never want to use it as my “I need to get the fuck to sleep” masturbation aid – too much clean up afterwards) so I’m still on the hunt for more back-ups.

Photo of the inside of the Starlet packaging

Womanizer asked if I wanted to take the updated version of the Starlet for a spin and I said why the hell not – they couldn’t have made it any worse.

The Pros:

The new Starlet 2 is an inch and some change larger than the original. I understand some people’s need for small and discreet toys but I felt like the original Starlet was too small, making it awkward to hold and operate. I basically had to pinch it between my thumb and fingertips and didn’t feel like I had a good grip on it. The Starlet 2 is still – in my opinion – plenty tiny but much easier to handle. Despite the growth the weight also stayed the same so it doesn’t feel any more cumbersome.

They fixed my single button complaint by implementing two intensity buttons that also function as the on/off switch. No more having to cycle through up from 1 to 4 to bring the intensity back down again. Hallelujah. I fucking despise single button operations.

The noise level is I think significantly improved. I was appalled at how loud and obnoxious the Starlet managed to be while being so small and billed as “discreet” so I’m pretty happy to say I find the Starlet 2 on the much quieter range.

Photo of peach oval shaped Starlet 2 on its side, next to instruction book and charging cable

And that’s where our pros end. I have a few Meh’s :

They changed the charger from a mini-USB to a magnet. If you know me you know by now I really don’t like magnets. I always fight with the charging cables to straighten out and not pull themselves off the toy. Considering I think part of what killed my first Pro40 was the flimsy silicone stopper for the charging port breaking and it maybe having gotten water in it, I’m happy to see the Starlet 2 possibly being more waterproof but fuck I hate these magnets and there’s still other ways. But whatever. Magnets seem to be the way of the future.

The nozzle is yet another new shape used on the Starlet 2 and the Liberty. I’ve complained in lots of the other “clit sucker” toy reviews that the motors in each model – inside and outside of a single brand – feel entirely different to me so liking one doesn’t guarantee I’ll like any of the others, and also makes them super difficult for me to recommend to people, but the nozzle differences also change how the sensation feels. This one doesn’t seem to matter too much to me, but it does mean that none of my spare nozzles for the other Womanizer toys will fit it. It also only comes in one shape (cone) whereas several of the other models had a concave nozzle as a spare. I don’t like the concave, but for the people who do this might pose an issue. There seems to be a slightly bigger cone shaped nozzle but it doesn’t automatically come with the toy, so I guess you just have to wing it when you’re buying it?

The Starlet 2 doesn’t come with an upgrade in functions. A lot of people try to bill the Starlet as an “introductory” model and feel perfectly fine with only 4 speeds but I personally really hate the idea of “spend a lot of money to try out the meh vibrator and then decide you want more and spend even more money to try out the better vibrator with all the bells and whistles (oh but they wont even feel the same so you might hate the expensive one. Or you might hate the cheap one and swear off these toys entirely. Who knows!?)” For 20 more dollars, the Liberty comes with 6 speeds, and for 50 more dollars the Classic has 8. If you’re already spending roughly a hundred bucks on a toy, 20-50 dollars probably isn’t holding you back, you might as well go for the one with the most option. In other words – I can’t figure out, on specs alone, why you’d prefer the Starlet 2.

Photo of back of peach oval shaped toy showing + and - buttons and charging magnets

And the con – the great big con : It still feels just as bad as the original Starlet. Despite the change in size, shape, and nozzle the Starlet 2 still has that roughness, that lack of nuance that actually kind of hurts more than it pleasures. I tend to prefer rumble over buzz, but I prefer vibrational rumble, and that’s not what these types of toys deliver, considering they’re not vibrators. The Starlet (both versions) just abuse my clit in an unrefined kind of way and I don’t enjoy it at all. At its best, if I let the battery on the Starlet 2 run down so that it’s not even working at full capacity, the lower levels don’t feel absolutely horrendous but then they also don’t get me off very well.

photo of peach oval shaped toy front with white cone shaped nozzle

My last-ditch effort was to take it into the tub. Despite loving the water, I have a hard time using most toys in the bath as the water changes things. After a lot of struggling I eventually managed to force out an orgasm but it was weak and painful and I immediately regretted even trying. That I can squeak out an orgasm with a terrible toy is usually more a testament to my desperation than the quality of the device.

I was really hoping to add it as a possible replacement for if/when my new Pro40 kicks the bucket, but unfortunately the Starlet 2 let me down.

Big thanks to Womanizer for sending me the Starlet 2 for review. You can purchase your own by clicking Here.

The Womanizer Starlet 2 – Tl;dr