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overhead view of the don

The Doxy Don (formerly the Skittle)…a review that has been a long time coming.

Just prior to last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, Doxy put out a call on Twitter to any bloggers who would be interested in reviewing for them. I’d already reviewed their original wand, but this new prostate/G-spot toy was also available. I didn’t give the wand the glowing review I had hoped so I decided to ask for the Don in an attempt to say something good about a company that I know to be great. I always want to say nice things…my body just always seems to have other plans.

I tore straight into the box the night I picked up my Don from the Doxy booth and plugged it in. I was still in the beginnings of my G-spot discovery journey last summer but I was pretty sure this toy was going to be an instant hit. I lay back in my hotel bed, kicked my pants off my ankles, and was completely unmoved. If you’ve read literally any of my other reviews before now you’re probably starting to notice a pattern – I really want something to it does the opposite.

view of the don from the back

I gave the Don a scant few more chances before stuffing it in the Box of Rejects beneath my bed. I knew I eventually had to review it, I just wasn’t ready to come to terms with having to write about how I didn’t like the damn thing even a little bit. That was the complete opposite of what I had hoped to do.

Fast-forward nearly a year, and I pull it back out of the box for the first time in what felt like forever. In the time between I’ve deepened my dedication to getting my G-spot to fucking cooperate with me, I’ve purposefully sought toys, new and old, that I thought would help me along my travels, and I’ve come to some new understandings of my inner workings. For reference of where I’m at in my G-spot timeline, the beginning was where I wasn’t even totally convinced the stubborn thing actually existed (I knew other people had theirs but bodies are weird, maybe I didn’t), I’ve passed the point of actually feeling something, that something becoming more prominent, having my first G-spot-only orgasm (and hating it) and now I’m firmly planted for a while it seems in the camp where I enjoy and more often than not crave, sometimes even require penetrative G-spot action. My current go-tos for this are the Lovense Lush and the L’amourose Prism V, but I remembered recently how much I liked using my Pop Top Deluxe on my Hitachi except that the wand head didn’t reach my clit, and how much I hate having to use two toys to do one job. It was then I remembered the Don I’d stashed away under the bed.

The Don is a corded massager meant for prostates or G-spots. I tend to favour rechargeable/cordless options but I’ve made exceptions in the past. Part ways down the cord is the control with a power button and separate increase and decrease controls – my favourite thing in the whole damn world. Most importantly to my G-spot issues though, is that the insertable portion of the Don is only a short 2 inches. My complaints about the Pop Top Deluxe was that the shaft of the insertable portion was too long, if I held it in a way to hit my G-spot, there was a huge gap between my clit and the head of the wand, forcing me to use two separate toys (which is difficult for me) and if I inserted it fully so I could press the wand into my clit, the end of the insertable was at my cervix, nowhere near my G-spot. The Don may have just solved my problems though with its short insertable ending in a curved base complete with little stimulation nub on the end. I had to give it another try.

close up of don insertable and base portion

It came close, but still no cigar. The Don still doesn’t have that curve in the insertable portion that I need to reach up behind my pubic bone and really push on my G-spot, so like the Pop Top Deluxe I still have to angle the base of the toy downwards and away from my clit, meaning I still need a separate clit toy. Even if I didn’t need that curve though, the little nub falls just short of reaching up to my clit as well, so it was a no-win situation for me no matter what.  Another issue is that Doxy boast deep rumbly vibrations – and their claims are true (though I would like a couple more levels with the Don) – but I weirdly seem to need something that’s just a tad bit buzzier than rumblier. I’ve tried finding the words to describe the type of sensation that really works for me, and the best I can come up with is that feeling when you’ve got an itch but it’s under your skin and you can’t seem to actually scratch it. That horribly annoying feeling is what I like to have happen to my G-spot (clearly there’s something wrong with me) and that requires a bit of buzz that I would normally despise in a clit vibe.

What I do really like about the Don is that I can thrust with it. Toys like the Pop Top Deluxe and the Prism V that DO have that curve I’m looking for – or any firm toy with any curve at all really – tend to be difficult for me to do any real thrusting with because they catch and scrape along my pubic bone, which is uncomfortable to deal with. My insides seem to be full of annoying angles and sharp edges. Rotating the toy along that curve is possible but it’s pretty slow going and my wrist gets tired, so I just don’t. With the Don’s insertable arm being so short and straight, I can thrust as much and as fast as I want without it bumping along my bones and causing me any discomfort. It’s not really getting the job done…but it’s fun for a little while. If I really have the strength in both arms to keep it up, using the Don pushed up into my G-spot to warm me up and then using something else on my clit while straight thrusting with the Don can be a great experience, but it’s a tough one to come by.

The Don has sort of landed itself in my “meh” pile. I can’t say I love it, because I really don’t, but I also don’t feel this intense hatred for it the way I have some other toys. I’m willing to keep it out of the Box of Rejects but we probably still wont be having very frequent meetings. Honestly I’d probably be more willing to give it third, fourth, and fifth chances if I didn’t have to do acrobatics to plug and unplug it behind my bed frame and I didn’t have to worry about drowning it when I go to wash it off. I don’t feel like the Don’s motor is so incredibly intense that keeping it tethered to a wall plug is a necessity, so I’m far more willing to swap it out for a rechargeable waterproof toy that does a comparable job. Like a lot of toys I review, there’s nothing inherently wrong with the Don, it just doesn’t fit my body and serve my needs perfectly, and if that’s going to be the case then the least it could do is not inconvenience me. I’m willing to try again if/when I make any further developments in wrangling my G-spot into submission, but for now the Don has no made it to my go-to list. It tried though, I commend it for trying.

*I want to note that when I pulled my first Don from a year ago out to try it a second time, it somehow broke. It was working just fine and then suddenly stopped vibrating, even though the controller indicated power was still running to it. I suspect that I may have put too much pressure on the neck of the insertable and something inside disconnected. I spoke to Doxy about it and they sent me out a replacement – All of Doxy’s products come with a 12 month warranty. Unfortunately the rough patches on the pictures above aren’t because I suck at editing my photos, I left those in because that’s how my replacement toy looks and I want to be transparent about that. I contacted Doxy again to let them know of the issue but I did not request a third replacement because I didn’t see myself using this toy super often and that just seemed wasteful. There’s nothing structurally unsound with my toy, those patches are just spots where the seams of two halves of the silicone coating are joined together, and they’re just rougher than would be ideal, my original Don was much smoother. 

If you’d like to use one of my favourite shops to purchase your Don, you can get it at :

The Doxy Store

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